December 18, 2014

How did I land the best job in the world?

PHLFor the next 90 days, I’ll travel to all 87 cities that JetBlue flies to (BlueCities).  Why? JetBlue is celebrating, a well-deserved, 10th consecutive J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction.  My job (if I can even call it a job as I’m having the best time of my life) is to travel with the J.D. Power #10 trophy to all BlueCities, and celebrate this accomplishment with my fellow Crewmembers.

Today is day 18, and I’ve visited 18 BlueCities.  When I arrive, Crewmembers are excited to see the J.D. Power Award, hold it, and take pictures.  As a JetBlue Crewmember myself, I find the best part of this job is to get to know my peers, and celebrate one of our greatest accomplishments together.  When we start talking, immediately they ask: How did you land the best job in the world?  I naturally tell them the story, and now I’ll reveal to you how it all happened.  It was very American Idol… just kidding!

A day in October of this year an email was sent out notifying all Airports Crewmembers of a 90 day special assignment.  The job description included 100% travel. That sounded right up my alley since I just turned 31, and I enjoy traveling more than anything else in the world.   It was the opportunity of a lifetime.   I sent my cover letter and resume.  Surprisingly, I received a call the following week, and after several phone interviews something special happened.  On Halloween, I was dressed as Darth Vader giving away candy to the neighborhood kids. Suddenly, I received an email that read the next step was an interview in person.  I was ecstatic! I started jumping up and down in excitement, and giving an outrageous amount of candy to the trick-or-treaters (it was the good candy too!).

The big day came when I had to prove I could really do this.  Oh the nervousness! I could feel the sweat go down my back.  I wore my lucky gray suit, and I tried not to trip on my heels going up the steps.  I managed to get into the conference room without needing one of those “air sickness bags.”  I worked up my courage and gave it all I had.  After 40 minutes, I left the building unceremoniously.

A few days later, I received a call on my cell phone from an unknown number, I almost left it go to voicemail.  Little did I know that was the call that changed my life. When they told me I got the job, I could not stop smiling.  I looked as if I had slept with a clothes hangar in my mouth the night before.  I had 3 weeks to pack my bags, give specific instructions to my neighbor on how to water my cactus, and I was out the door.

This journey has just begun, and I want to share it with you.  Keep following JD’s adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on BlueCityReport, and share this amazing experience with us.

I would not have the best job in the world if it wasn’t for the award winning customer service our JetBlue Crewmembers provide every day.  I have seen firsthand how dedicated they are to serve our customers, and genuinely help them get to where they need to be.  I’m honored to carry this 10th J.D. Power Award because it’s the symbol of how our Crewmembers’ daily hard work pays off.


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December 16, 2014

Sister Sister! : A Pair of Siblings share the Cockpit

Women have historically been underrepresented in the field of aviation. Currently only  4% of commercial pilots are women. While we’re proud that our own representative number of female pilots is higher at 5+%, we know there’s a lot of room to increase the representation of women in the cockpit. JetBlue regularly sponsors the Women in Aviation organization and is well represented at their events. Recognizing the importance of getting children involved in aviation early on, we recently formed the JetBlue Foundation to help bridge this gap. We also know how much children seeing and learning from representative pilots, so with that in mind, we’d like to present you with just one notable flight pairing we saw on the line recently.

JetBlue pilots Pia and Anna-Maria Kymalainen grew up in an aviation family in Finland. With their father in aeronautical engineering and an older brother following in their father’s footsteps, the aspiration of flight was always close to home. Both sisters began their own careers flying corporate jets before finding their place here at JetBlue – Pia as an A320 Captain and Anna-Maria as First Officer.

It was a long time goal for both sisters to fly together and that dream recently came true. The women recently operated flight 1480 from FLL to DCA making them the first ever sister-sister flight crew at JetBlue!

pia and anna-maria

Pia began her aviation career flying freight and corporate jets before joining JetBlue nine years ago. While, Anna-Maria followed her big sister’s lead and also began flying corporate jets seven years ago until finding her home at JetBlue three years ago.

We love to see women like Pia and Anna-Maria showing young women that there are opportunities for them across all aspects of the aviation industry, and are proud of the work the JetBlue Foundation does in working to increase the number of women in the pilot ranks. In 2013, we created the JetBlue Foundation as a way to encourage and advance careers in aviation, specifically among underserved communities including women. The JetBlue Foundation provides learning opportunities for underserved groups by working hand-in-hand with local and national education institutions that support and foster aviation-related programs. On December 17, the JetBlue Foundation will host its second annual grant presentations for programs focused on encouraging aviation careers among women, people of color, veterans and other underserved groups. For more information on the JetBlue Foundation, visit

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December 15, 2014

JetBlue and the Ocean Foundation Begin to Measure the Value of Shoreline Conservation

We love to see beach photos like this one in Saint Thomas (photo courtesy of Chad Sparks)

We love to see beach photos like this one in Saint Thomas from Chad Sparks.

Today, JetBlue and The Ocean Foundation released Eco Earnings: A Shore Thing, a report that highlights the connection between ecosystems and revenue. Leisure travel to the Caribbean is a key pillar of JetBlue’s business model, with many customers flying to the region to enjoy sand and sun, beautiful beaches and pristine waters. However, the ecosystems that support and provide these crystal-clear, turquoise-tinted seas are at risk. Some have already grossly deteriorated. Large-scale environmental degradation in the Caribbean is a risk to demand for leisure air travel to the area, thus impacting JetBlue.

Tourism brings 22 million visitors a Year to the Caribbean, including from cruise ships and multiple destinations that JetBlue does not serve. Regardless of how they travel to the region, these millions of tourists create revenue, jobs, and improved GDP, but tourist consumption contributes to the more than 100 million tons of trash per year that end up unprocessed in open – air dumps or local waterways in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Trash littered beaches don't encourage vacations. (photo courtesy Jackie Marks)

Trash littered beaches don’t encourage vacations. (photo courtesy Jackie Marks Marine Photobank)

This land-based trash quickly finds its way into the ocean via wind, rain, storm surges, and poor human stewardship. It washes up on beaches, contaminates fragile ecosystems, and is a health hazard to animals and humans alike. These impacts , coupled with the fact that 89.1% of manmade debris produced in the region finds its way to the Caribbean waters comes from shoreline and recreation activities (such as tourism), make the nexus of travel, tourism, and environmental degradation in the Caribbean a particularly important area of study.

Eco Earnings: A Shore Thing seeks to begin to measure both the risk and return to JetBlue from the region’s natural attractions. This study starts to link the importance of clean, intact, and healthy beaches and shorelines to tourism’s profitability in the Caribbean, with a focus on JetBlue and industry revenue per available seat mile (RASM).

Our study began by observing a positive connection between ecosystem health and RASM. The goal is to calculate the impact of key factors important for the Caribbean’s overall health including water quality, and waste along the shorelines.

When conducting a bivariate analysis to compare each eco-factor to stage – adjusted RASM — with 1.0 meaning a perfect causal relationship between that factor and RASM — A.T. Kearney confirmed a correlation between these eco-factors and RASM, although not causation. Mangrove health had the highest correlation with RASM of 0.3. Beach trash was second at 0.21, and water quality was third at 0.17. Among the factors affecting water quality, chemicals status was the most import ant factor

Through this initial study, we found positive correlations among water quality, mangrove health, limited waste on shorelines, and RASM, but more data is required to statistically prove and validate the model. This interim report serves as a call to gather more information about shoreline health and to rally the efforts of policy makers, the tourism industry, and tourists to protect the Caribbean’s greatest natural resource.

Click here to view the full version of EcoEarnings: A Shore Thing

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December 8, 2014

DC Travel tips and tricks without a Presidential budget


I have taken the challenge of traveling to all 87 cities JetBlue flies to in 90 days with our 10th J.D. Power Award.  I just finished the first week of this adventure.  It was great! This week we visited airports in Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore (DCA, IAD, RIC, BWI), Massachusetts and Rhode Island (BOS, PVD,ORH).  We traveled from our Nation’s Capital to Worcester, MA.  We learned from Crewmembers how to get around Washington, DC without a presidential budget and even how to properly pronounce Worcester. Watch the video here.

One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting people.  I met a wonderful group of Crewmembers at each city, and asked for some insight on their BlueCities.  Who would know better than them?  Here are the great tips and tricks they suggested when traveling to DC.

If you are traveling to the Dulles Airport, IAD and want to get to DC on a budget, the 5A Bus operates during Metro’s service hours to/from L’Enfant Plaza Metro station for only $7.  This would save you approximately $50 in cab fare you can use to have a nice dinner in the city.    A weekend trip to Washington DC is a wonderful, family friendly, and educational getaway.  Not only because all Smithsonian museums are free of charge but also for the user friendly public transportation.  When traveling to Washington Reagan, DCA the Metro is walking distance from the terminal. No need for a taxi.  All you have to do literally is cross the street.  This is a very convenient and budget-friendly choice.  For lodging options, staying in Northern Virginia (NoVa) and taking the Metro to DC is a great way to save money.  Find a hotel within walking distance to a Metro station or with shuttle service to/from the Metro (King Street, Braddock, Eisenhower, etc.).  Visiting Washington DC is the perfect combination of education and entertainment (or as I like to call it Edutainment). Next weekend trick your kids into learning with a budget-friendly trip to DC.


 Thanks to all the JetBlue Crewmembers who were incredibly hospitable, and provided us great travel insight.  For more inside scoop on the cities we have visited keep following us
Next week we will be traveling to the following airports:

HPN Westchester County, NY

SWF Steward, NY

BDL Bradley, CT

EWR Newark, NJ

LGA LaGuardia, NY

PHL Philadelphia, PA

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December 4, 2014

It Ain’t Rocket Science


Since the beginning, we have focused on inspiring humanity beyond air travel, not only for our customers and crewmembers but the various communities we serve. Not only is education a core pillar for JetBlue, it is weaved into everything we do. In fact, we actively seek ways to support education specifically science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs. With this in mind, in 2013 we created the JetBlue Foundation as a way to encourage and advance careers in aviation, specifically among underserved communities.

The JetBlue Foundation provides learning opportunities for underserved groups by working hand-in-hand with local and national education institutions that support and foster aviation-related programs.  The JetBlue Foundation was recently featured on the STEM-focused show, “It Ain’t Rocket Science,” Time Warner Cable’s award-winning monthly TV digest that introduces parents and kids alike to some of the coolest opportunities, events and careers in STEM. Hosted by NY1 News technology reporter Adam Balkin, this month’s episode of “It Ain’t Rocket Science” features a great video piece about the Aviation Career Education Academy a program produced by the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals and supported by the JetBlue Foundation, which teaches students the science of navigating the friendly skies.

Watch the “It Ain’t Rocket Science” video about the JetBlue Foundation or here on TWC’s Connect a Million Minds website.

JetBlue supports STEM education though a variety of initiatives. Our goal is to create a unique education pathway from relationships with elementary school students and mentoring high school and college students to its University Gateway Program which leads to positions as Pilot Trainees with JetBlue. Last year, the JetBlue Foundation provided grants to Aviation High School (Long Island City, NY)CUNY Aviation Institute at York College (Jamaica, NY) and SUN ‘n FUN (Lakeland, FL).  New grants will be given out later this month.

For more information about our aviation-related programs, please visit

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December 1, 2014

87 BlueCities in 90 days

My name is Judy, and I have the best job in the world.  I’m a JetBlue Crewmember and I was selected to travel with our 10th J.D. Power Award to all 87 cities JetBlue flies to in 90 days.  I can’t wait to celebrate one of our greatest achievements with my fellow Crewmembers.  Winning our 10th J.D. Power Award in Customer Satisfaction is a big deal.  We are panning parades, and welcome parties all over.  We’ll be sharing  pictures and video on  our social media sites for all to enjoy.


For the past two weeks, I have been working with Mr. J.D. Power 10 planning our trip together.  During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know our Award, and let me tell you he has his own personality.  He loves being the center of attention, he enjoys traveling, and he is obsessed with social media.  He also insists on taking lots of selfies.

This is going to be quite the adventure, and I can’t wait to begin.  Keep following BlueCity Report on Instagram, Twitter, FB, and this Blog for Tour info, useful  facts about traveling to our BlueCities, and  fun shenanigans.


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November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving


Today is the day Americans traditionally take a moment to give thanks for those things and people who make their lives worthwhile, and in particular on this day when so many have traveled to be with loved ones, we want to give thanks to you for all you have meant to us.

We hope you are able to surround yourself with loads loved ones today, and should you decide to take part in another Thanksgiving tradition, we hope you remember which bird is which!




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November 25, 2014

CoatChex asks, “Can we take your coat?”

CoatChex has partnered with JetBlue to offer a new-age coat check option for customers traveling through the airline’s home Terminal – T5 at New York’s JFK Airport. CoatChex, the first coat check location at a New York-area airport, answers the age-old question – should I take my coat with me?


New York’s current winter temperatures call for travelers to bundle up in their winter coats before heading outside. However, the temperatures in their final travel destination may not be as frigid or require quite so many layers.  To help solve the age-old dilemma of bringing a heavy coat to locations with warmer climates, CoatChex has recently partnered with JetBlue to lighten the load for travelers heading to warmer destinations this winter, by simply asking, “May we take your coat?”

CoatChex, a New York based technology start-up, is the first company to launch a post-security coat check service in U.S. airports. CoatChex features a seamless and secure application and has eliminated the need for a claim ticket by visually tagging owners to belongings. This means two less items for travelers to keep track of during their trip.  The system’s state-of-the art product innovation even scans boarding passes to track any changes in travel schedules. This ensures the coat is ready for express pick-up upon the customer’s return to JFK. When the customer returns relaxed, stress-free and ready to face the cold, all they need to do is provide the last four digits of their phone number to the attendant.  Their profile will appear on the screen to confirm the coat is being returned to its rightful owner.

“As a tech startup, with an innovative twist on traditional servicing, our ideal partner is one who can join us in thinking outside of the box.  JetBlue’s indisputable customer first mentality makes them an evident fit for becoming an industry first mover.  In such a competitive industry, where a little extra goes a long way, I believe creative and consumer friendly services, like CoatChex, will help differentiate JetBlue from the rest,” Adam Loos, VP of business development for CoatChex.

“We are continuously looking for ways to further enhance our customer’s travel experience. Customers traveling to warmer climates don’t have to drag their heavy winter coats along during their travels. They now have the option to check their coats at the airport, said Jamie Perry, director product development, JetBlue Airways. “CoatChex has partnered with JetBlue to offer a new-age coat check option for customers traveling through T5. This innovative technology provides peace-of -mind through mobile checking and smart tags which capture transactions very quickly, accurately and in real-time.”

CoatChex is now open for business in the orange kiosk in the main market-place of JetBlue’s award-winning T5. Coat checking is available for a special promotional pricing this holiday season for $2 per day or $10 per week.  Visit for additional details.

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November 19, 2014

A note from Robin Hayes

Since JetBlue’s first flight, we’ve never sat still. Our airline has morphed over the years in response to dramatic changes in our industry and the shifting needs of our Customers.  We’ve added products like Even More , Mint, Fly-Fi, and grown our network internationally while providing a better experience at a great value.

Today we’re announcing a couple major initiatives for the future that will continue to evolve our product so we can maintain our competitive edge and deliver for our customers, our crewmembers, and our shareholders. One thing that’s not changing is our culture of service and our commitment to our customers.

  • Branded Fares – Beginning in the first half of 2015, customers will be able to choose between three fare bundle options that provide new choices and allow travelers to tailor each trip to their preferences. The first fare bundle will be designed for those customers who don’t traditionally check a bag; the latter two will offer one and two free checked bags, respectively, along with other attractive benefits, like additional TrueBlue points and increased flexibility. These new options will allow us to tailor our offerings to individual customers in a way that is simple and transparent. You will hear a lot more about the features of this plan over the next several months. We want to be sure customers understand how this approach works for them when we roll it out officially in mid-2015.
  • Cabin Refresh – Our customers love the look and feel of our new Airbus A321 jets. In fact, this aircraft is rated significantly higher than other aircraft in our satisfaction surveys. Beginning in mid-2016 we’ll retrofit our A320 aircraft – which are the workhorse of our fleet – with the same lighter and more comfortable seats found on our A321 along with the improved 100+ channels of DirecTV on beautiful 10” widescreen displays. These modern seats will enable us to increase the total number of seats on our planes – which helps us continue our low fare commitment – while still offering the most legroom in coach by a significant margin. The entire aircraft will be upgraded with power ports accessible at every seat along with new lighting, new lavatories, and more.

seatsThe JetBlue experience will keep getting better. In fact, we are very excited to announce today that customers can keep enjoying free access to Fly-Fi – the industry’s fastest connectivity product – thanks to new partnerships with Time Inc., Verizon, and the Wall Street Journal. All of our 140 Airbus A320/A321 jets are expected to have Fly-Fi by the first half of 2015, with EMBRAER 190 installations beginning thereafter. Another game-changing product, Mint — our refreshing new take on a premium experience –has been extremely well received on flights from New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco. By the end of the first quarter all flights to both cities will feature Mint.


Robin Hayes
President, JetBlue Airways

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November 12, 2014

International Arrivals at JFK T5

Our Terminal 5 at JFK has been a fan favorite since we opened its doors in 2008. In a recent press conference, Vice President Joe Biden, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called T5 “breathtaking, ” and a prime example of what airport terminals should look like.

Today we’re excited to begin operations in an expanded space created to accommodate international arrivals into our home at T5. Previously, our international arrivals all went through Terminal 4, but as JetBlue President Robin Hayes and other dignitaries highlighted in a media preview last week, adding a dedicated Customs and Border Protection checkpoint able to accommodate up to 1,400 customers per hour. It will also house 40 state-of-the-art automated passport control (APC) machines and 10 Global Entry kiosks designed to expedite travelers through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) process in a more timely and efficient manner.

The media day also included a rather exclusive tour where we were able to take a few photos before Customs and Border Protection officially started operations. Check out the photos below (but remember, our friends at CBP request you put your own cameras away when moving through the active customs area!)




Photo Nov 06, 6 24 49 PM

Photo Nov 06, 6 26 46 PM


Photo Nov 06, 6 37 40 PM

Photo Nov 06, 6 30 49 PM



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