September 9, 2014

From the Runway to the Airway

Published on Huffington Post on 9/8/2014

From security checkpoint convenience to in-air comfort and climate adaptability, style when traveling tends to take a backseat to more practical matters. While most of my travel time is spent in uniform, I have a keen eye for the fashions that I see in the airport and in the air. With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I find myself reflecting on the state of style and its implications on travel. Fliers often opt for comfort and function over couture and fashion. Inspired by the most chic week of the season, I’d like to share my fashion dos and don’ts, when the tarmac is your runway.

A lot of planning can and should go into your ensemble before you leave for the airport. Not only do you want to be comfortable for the travel ahead, you need to take into account your destination and what you’ll be doing when you need to hit the ground running. My two major don’ts when getting dressed for travel are white and linen. White clothing isn’t easy to clean should you spill or rub up against something, and linen will wrinkle and leave you looking disheveled. Stick to lightweight materials in neutral-to-dark solids or patterns. For women, nothing is wrong with a little black dress that is comfortable, durable and a perfect base for layering and accessorizing.

When accessorizing, do so responsibly. I encourage spicing up your ensemble basics with jewelry, scarves, hats and eyewear but keep security checkpoints in mind. To that end, always pack a small pouch in your carry-on for easy storage should items need to be removed and placed on the X-ray belt. And that reminds me — a belt with a pop of color or bold pattern can brighten your outfit in a cinch.

When traveling south, for example, you may start your day in boots and end it in flip-flops. So how do you travel between climates in one outfit? My answer is simple: layers. For women and men, a casual sweater or blazer over a T-shirt or tank-top makes for a stylish trip from start to finish. Don’t be afraid to get fun and adventurous with the base layer. Your carry-on should serve as a functional extension of your outfit and my favorite kind is a backpack — they’re not just for kids anymore. Perfect for packing up a change of shoes, clothes and even swim trunks, backpacks can be easily stowed in an overhead cabin during the flight and carried to your destination without occupying your free arms.

Once you have the basics down, incorporating on-trend styles and colors via accessories and layers is the best way to ensure your look lasts through your travels. Speaking of trends and colors, the new JetBlue uniforms, which were unveiled in June, speak to this by incorporating an orange colorway into our standard style. Have you seen it yet? Orange really is the new black.

Do you have any travel style dos and don’ts to share? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@Wingwoman_Tracy).

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September 3, 2014

MOO-VE Over, Ronnybrook Onboard

ronnybrook1Clean eating is top of mind for a lot of people these days – and that should not have to be put in a holding pattern when flying. That’s why we started offering sustainable food options to provide our customers with healthy food while on the go. While you may not automatically think of natural and healthy foods when you think of flying, JetBlue actually offers several healthy options for busy travelers on the go. As New York’s Hometown Airline™, we’re also proud that many of our down-to-earth food offerings are made right in New York State.


Happy Cow? Healthy Life. Introducing our new onboard smoothie brought to us by our friends at Ronnybrook. Ronnybrook is a family run farm located in the Hudson Valley of New York, with a long history of sustainable, humane, and healthy dairy farming. Their cows are the offspring of a long line of prize-winning Holsteins that the Osofsky family has raised for nearly 70 years. Ronnybrook’s products are made with only natural ingredients and sourced to avoid rBST (recombinant bovine growth hormones), pesticides and unnecessary environmental impacts.

At JetBlue, we are strong supporters of sustainability, and naturally-sourced offering the option of healthier and more natural products. That’s why we are happy to be part of the GrowNYC network which enables us to provide and continue to promote nutritional food choices onboard JetBlue flights. Thanks to our business partners at GrowNYC, we are pleased to introduce new ways of bringing more nutritious food choices to our customers.




We’ll be presenting a regular new flavors of RonnyBrook smoothies as part of our EatUp Café offering. Starting this September, we’re offering strawberry. The smoothie can be purchased on all flights between JFK/BOS-LAX/LGB/SFO. Be sure to try out our fresh and healthy food options onboard, and let us know what you think.

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September 2, 2014

Serving up a new way to serve!


Even before we started flying 14 years ago we knew we had an opportunity to create the “un-airline” that questioned all those traditions the other guys had established. One early decision we made was to do away with dragging carts down the aisle. We didn’t like how they created a barrier between our customers and crewmembers, how they bruised elbows and toes, and frankly, their looks left something to be desired too!

Instead, we made the service a bit more personal with our wicker baskets that presented a cornucopia of name brand snack choices for our customers. But just as we’ve refreshed our planes, our products, and even our crewmembers uniforms, we decided to take a look at that basket and see if we could do something better with a refresh of its own!

basket2Onboard snack and beverage service will be a breeze with our new snack and drink carriers onboard. In order to enhance your JetBlue experience, we are pleased to bring you our stylish inflight service tools. Our crewmembers teamed up with industry designers and ergonomic specialists, to create a product that will match our new look.

Our new service tool referred to as the pivot basket, allows flexibility to better serve our customers. Although it may look small, the pivot basket actually holds more snacks. In addition to this, the flexibility feature makes it easy to use for our crewmembers onboard.

We are also proud to introduce the Halo Tray for our onboard drink products. The Halo Tray provides more capacity to serve more rows in a quicker fashion, and can also be used to serve our Eat up boxes on the reverse side.

Want to learn even more? Check out this video we shared with our Inflight Crewmembers introducing the new inflight service tools:

Our new inflight service tools are expected to make their grand appearance this fall. So stay tuned, and if you see one of our new trays or baskets (along with our beloved Inflight Crewmembers) be sure to let us know what you think!

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August 9, 2014

Statement on Flight 704 San Juan – New York (JFK)

Flight 704 SJU – JFK (Airbus 321)
186 Customers/6 Crew

On August 9, Flight 704 SJU-JFK had a rejected take-off at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. Customers and Crew were evacuated via slide. No major injuries were reported.

Customers were given the option to be re-accommodated on Flight 8104 SJU – JFK. 

UPDATE [Sunday, August 10; 1825 ET]:  Preliminary reports lead us to suspect that Flight 704 SJU – JFK had a bird ingestion into the #1 engine.

Vuelo 704 SJU – JFK (Airbus 321)
186 Pasajeros/6 Tripulantes

El despegue del vuelo 704 de JetBlue se detuvo el 9 de agosto en el Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín. Los clientes y la tripulación fueron evacuados a través de los toboganes de emergencia. No se han reportado lesiones graves.

Les ofrecimos a nuestros Clientes la opción de viajar en el vuelo 8104 desde San Juan hacia Nueva York (JFK).

ACTUALIZACIÓN [Domingo, 10 de agosto; 18:25 ET]: Los informes preliminares nos llevan a sospechar que el vuelo 704 SJU – JFK experimentó una ingestión de aves en el motor # 1.

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July 31, 2014

Students “ACE” their introduction to aviation

Earlier this month, the JetBlue Foundation partnered with the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) for their  annual Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy initiative at JetBlue’s Hangar and T5 at JFK, as well as, JetBlue University in Orlando. Students from local aviation schools and programs in New York and Oakridge High in Orlando participated. ACE Academy and the JetBlue Foundation have a joint goal – to increase awareness of aviation-related careers among students from underserved areas. According to current statistics, less than five percent of pilots in the commercial aviation industry are women or people of color.

For the third year in a row, ACE Academy students in Orlando visited JetBlue University to learn about the various jobs available behind-the-scenes of an airline. Students also got to experience and fly in the airline’s E-190 simulators. This year also marked the first-ever ACE Academy in New York City. JetBlue Captain Jovan O’Bryant coordinated exclusive opportunities for budding aviators in the Big Apple including a special behind-the-scenes tour of JetBlue’s terminal and maintenance hangar at JFK and a first-hand look at the many roles that keep an airline running.

The JetBlue Foundation also supported initiatives in Chicago and St. Croix. The Chicago program was coordinated by JetBlue Captain Robert Holmes, a product of an ACE Academy. Twenty years ago, Captain Holmes was an ACE Academy student, a step he says encouraged his ambitions to become a pilot. Capt. Holmes credits the ACE Academy with giving him the opportunity to not only tour an aircraft but actually giving him the first chance to fly one.

The ACE Academy includes a curriculum complete with presentations by aviation pioneers such as the Tuskegee Airmen and aviation professionals from a wide range of industry careers. Students also take part in special field trips and conduct a “Discovery Flight,” where they receive hands-on flight training with a certified FAA Flight Instructor.

For more information on OBAP and the ACE Academy initiative, visit the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals.

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July 15, 2014

On the diversity of culture, faith, and opinions

As New York’s Hometown Airline, we’re no strangers to diverse opinions and cultures. After all, New York is THE cultural melting pot of the world, and New Yorkers are world renowned for their ability to share their opinions. We’re also proud to have customers and crewmembers that represent this rich mix of cultural backgrounds. So being a forward thinking airline with the deepest respect for the various cultures and beliefs of our 30 million customers a year, you can imagine our crewmembers’ collective pain when we’re accused of discriminatory practices, as is the subject of much public discussion stemming from this article in the Palm Beach Post.

The story presented by a customer is certainly riveting, and we understand that many who have read it feel entitled to get all the juicy details. However, out of respect for the privacy of our customers – even those who tell stories we don’t necessarily agree with – we will not share additional details for public discourse and will only say that the story presented in media reports in no way reflects the accounts from our crewmembers or customers on board.

We recognize that many observers of the story desire all the details so they can make their own judgments, and for many their opinion will be set regardless of any additional detail shared. We just request those who do feel the need to pass judgment take a moment to reflect on any of their past experiences with JetBlue and our award winning service, and think about the diversity of the 80,000 daily customers we serve before taking every story they see as fact.

JetBlue does not engage in discrimination on any basis. Maintaining the highest standards of safety for all of our customers and crew is our primary concern and JetBlue’s fundamental value. The decision to remove the customer from the flight in this instance was made in support of that value.

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July 10, 2014

Blue Barrel Sale

FB_960x520We’re offering unbelievable roundtrip fares to/from Boston and Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston - at the latest cost of a barrel of oil. Land a low fare from $108 when you book by July 11 and travel August 4 through November 20, 2014. Restrictions apply. Head over to now for details!

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July 1, 2014

Flying today?



In honor of today’s game, JetBlue is helping some customers fly in high spirits. As fun is one of our core values, we are thrilled to join the excitement and cheer on #USA. Customers flying with us today can “goal” ahead and have a free cocktail on us (a)!

Also, those traveling domestically during game time will be able watch it live at 30,000 feet as all JetBlue seats feature personal seatback screens (b). During game time, fans will have plenty of options onboard to watch the game and other sports programming. JetBlue airs more channels of free sports onboard than any other domestic airline including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, NBC Sports, Fox Sports 1 and NFL Network.

JetBlue customers enjoy individual channel surfing with 36 channels of free, live television programming, including most major networks, plus more than 100 channels of SiriusXM Radio for free, as well as JetBlue Features movies on select routes for a small fee within the US. Movies to Caribbean destinations remain free. JetBlue also offers free and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and snacks on all flights across its 86-city network.

(a) While supplies last. Limit one drink per person. Offer valid on 7/1/2014 only. Selections may vary; not available on flights operating with express or no inflight service (flights under 340 miles). Must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol. Please drink responsibly.

(b) Live satellite TV and radio programming is not available on flights outside the contiguous U.S.

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June 6, 2014

Celebrating World Oceans Day

This Sunday June 8th, JetBlue celebrates World Oceans Day, the UN-designated day for the global community to honor our oceans and all that they bring to humanity.

What does the ocean mean to you? Here at JetBlue, we can’t help but think of the beautiful shorelines and pristine beaches the oceans provide at many of our BlueCities. Destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean make up one-third of our route network, and we love being able to bring our customers to these picturesque ocean side locations.

St. Lucia

World Oceans Day also calls worldwide attention to the many threats our oceans face, and asks us to take action in ocean conservation efforts. For example, unsustainable fishing threatens marine biodiversity and the valuable food stocks many people depend on, and ocean acidification occurs as the oceans absorb excess CO2 from our atmosphere, thus changing the chemistry of the water and the biological systems that live there.

This year’s World Oceans Day theme is “Together we have the power to protect the ocean”, reminding us that despite the significant threats to our oceans’ health, collective efforts can go a long way in reversing these trends.  As a part of our collaborative efforts, we’ve teamed up with The Ocean Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, and Surfrider Foundation to explore a novel approach to keeping Caribbean beaches pristine and trash-free. With 29 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, we recognize that the health and appearance of these locations have a direct impact on our revenue. With the help of our partners, we’re working to show the economic value of clean beaches by directly tying the importance of nature to the airline’s main economic measure – revenue per available seat mile (RASM). Once we understand the connection between our revenue and this natural resource, we will then develop business related solutions to marine pollution and conservation. Learn more about this project and our other environmental initiatives by visiting

Join us in celebrating our shared oceans by participating in an official World Oceans Day event, taking a “Selfie for the Sea”, or registering for a beach clean up near you.

Did you know you can vacay the JetBlue way? When you book a JetBlue Getaways vacation package, you’ll score exclusive savings on the flights you love + great hotels.

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May 28, 2014

Inspiring Humanity in the air and on the ground

JetBlue crewmembers volunteered more than 50,000 hours last year. And last month, more than 260 crewmembers were honored for providing over 100 hours of community service and volunteerism at our Third Annual Community Connection Awards & Recognition dinner in Salt Lake City. This once again proves that or crewmembers bringing our ‘Inspiring Humanity’ message to life!  The reception celebrated the Crewmembers who continuously inspire humanity throughout their local communities, and work together to give back.



  • Seven individual winners from our workgroups and support centers received $1,000 grants for the charities of their choice.
  • $10,000 was awarded to Seattle,  Long Beach, JFK and Salt Lake City crewmembers for the charities of their choice.
  • In total, JetBlue donated $48,000 to continue to support nonprofits important to our crewmembers.

A sampling of volunteer initiatives:

  • Seattle crewmembers have done a tremendous amount of volunteerism both as a station and as individual Crewmembers. They have “greened” their neighborhoods, participated in reading events and organized walks in their terminal. The SEA team also does a terrific job of supporting their USO in terminal. Their enthusiasm for bettering their community never ceases and they inspire humanity every day!
  • Our Long Beach, CA inspired our onboard recycling program. This BlueCity worked tirelessly to support youth in the Long Beach area as they volunteered for the local Special Olympics, partnered with a foster care agency to give children in need of some TLC with a great holiday party and walked to raise awareness for Lupus.
  • JFK crewmembers executed our inaugural Blue Horizons for Autism event with Autism Speaks in September, worked with numerous aviation schools to provide a behind the scenes look at JetBlue operations and has one of our strongest teams for Walks for a Cure.
  • Salt Lake City crewmembers logged more than half of all hours logged in 2013.  This Support Center put together a quarter of all JetBlue Sweet Cases donated in 2013, logged more than half of all hours and has 125 Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winners

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