November 12, 2013

The Family that Flies Together…

Published on Huffington Post on 11/7/13

Family travel is often a launch pad for creating lifelong memories. And with JetBlue’s recent addition of Family Pooling to its TrueBlue loyalty program, traveling with the full clan has more perks than ever before! Still, flying with children – especially the youngest ones – can seem like too much of a hassle to bear. So, as a seasoned traveler who’s vacationed plenty with my own kids and meets new families flying every day, I pulled together some tips that all parents should keep in mind so they can spend less time stressing at the airport and more time relaxing with loved ones.

Packing for your entire flock
A family’s air travel experience should be well planned out, well before heading to the airport. Packing is the first, and most important, step in preparing for a trip. Here are some tips on packing efficiently when traveling as a group:

• Each traveler should have one roll-aboard suitcase and one carry-on that can easily fit underneath a seat (backpacks are ideal and fit Mom’s purse nicely).

• Don’t pack more than you need! We all know that it’s easier said than done, but one great way to cut back is to remember not to duplicate any items that may be provided at your destination. Hotels often have blow dryers, toiletries, beach towels and other items that would otherwise take up space in your suitcase.

• Roll every article of clothing that’s being packed. Make use of all space available to tuck your belongings into (even the insides of sneakers and boots for some of your smallest items).

• Pack baby wipes to go — they aren’t just for the little ones! In fact, they’re perfect for wiping public areas clean of germs, cleaning hands before eating and (little-known fact!) getting stains out of clothing.

Navigating the airport and TSA with a crew
With people buzzing around and lots of protocol to follow, navigating an airport as a family can be stressful. So, do your best to keep cool, calm and collected as you make your way through security and to your departure gate. Use these tips to make the experience a little smoother:

• Get to the airport early! For domestic flights, arrive at the airport two hours before departure, and arrive three hours early if flying internationally. Consider any extra time you have in the terminal before boarding as a bonus – food, shopping and play areas can help parents relax and allow kids to release any excess energy.

• Be familiar with TSA guidelines and restrictions; every time an agent needs to search a bag, the entire line slows. If you’re questioning whether you’re able to bring an item in your carry-on, your safest bet is to simply pack it in your checked luggage. If you’re carrying on any necessary liquids over the TSA 3.4oz maximum, like medicine or breast milk, alert a TSA agent immediately so those items can be screened individually and carried onto the aircraft.

• Be prepared before you enter the airport and the airplane with proper paperwork for all travelers. Have everyone’s ID and boarding passes ready to be scanned at both security and gate entrances.

• Make navigating preflight security checks a breeze by wearing slip-on shoes (or untying sneakers before getting in line) and packing jewelry and belts in your carry-on, to be worn only after you go through screening. Remember, kids under 12 can wear their shoes through security.

Traveling with tots
Air travel can be a little startling and even scary for children who haven’t flown before. So, remember to offer your tiny travelers some TLC if they start feeling overwhelmed, and always be patient with them so they’re comfortable. Keep these family travel tips from JetBlue in mind, as well as some of my own handy advice collected during my many years in the sky:

• Take advantage of family preboarding opportunities so you can get everyone settled onto the aircraft early.

• Anticipate the needs of your children, including entertainment and food.

o A bored traveler is an unhappy traveler, so keeping young passengers entertained is a must. Fortunately, airlines like JetBlue have your bases covered. JetBlue, for one, offers free in-flight DIRECTV and new movies each month on every flight. But for the occasions that you’re flying without seatback TVs, be sure to pack travel-friendly activities in your carry-on. Another perk of getting to the terminal early is having time to browse through stores and purchase books, puzzles and toys to keep kids occupied in-flight.

o No one likes to travel on an empty stomach, especially the littlest fliers. JetBlue offers a variety of kid-satisfying snacks, such as low-fat animal crackers, chips, and chocolate chip cookies, with juice and Kosher options, too. You’re invited to pack snacks, but avoid bringing refrigerated or spillable items onboard.

• If you’re traveling with a car seat, ensure that it is approved for aircraft travel. This will be clearly marked on the seat and flight attendants are aware of what is, and is not, approved onboard.

• If your child starts throwing a tantrum or becoming disgruntled during the flight, excuse yourself from your row (when the seatbelt sign is off) and take a walk together to the rear or front of the aircraft. Knowing that you as a parent, as well as other passengers, are sensitive to traveling with upset children, flight attendants will do virtually anything to resolve a young flier’s woes – just ask!

One thing to always keep in mind is that when traveling, all fliers have the same goal in mind: to get to their destination. And all airline and TSA employees want travelers to get there in the safest and most efficient manner possible. So don’t forget to pack your smile and a little patience. It can go a long way!

Keep these tips in mind whenever traveling as a family, especially during the upcoming holiday season! Share your tried-and-true tricks for flying with children in the comments below and follow me on Twitter (@Wingwoman_Tracy) to learn more.

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November 12, 2013

Something Blue – JetBlue Hosts first T5 wedding

On October 23, JetBlue held its first wedding at T5 at JFK Airport in New York. The lucky couple, Adam and Shari Greenwald won a wedding courtesy of JetBlue’s “Something Blue” sweepstakes. The grand prize was a wedding in T5 hosted by JetBlue and a honeymoon from our partners at Hawaiian Airlines. JetBlue provided a dress for the bride, tuxedo for the groom, a wedding cake, rings and much more!

Adam & Shari received the most votes and won the chance to celebrate their special day at T5 with 20 of their closest friends, family, and of course customers traveling through the terminal. The Greenwald’s were treated to a ceremony and reception complete with lei and entertainment provided by the Hawaiian Airlines Serenaders and a cake new T5 concession partner – Baked By Melissa. Immediately following the ceremony, Adam, Shari and their friends & family flew off to their dream honeymoon in Honolulu.

The couple dated for eight years and coincidentally met in T5 and Shari accepted Adam’s proposal onboard a flight to Boston. So it was only right that they got married at the place where their romance first took off.
Congratulations Adam and Shari!

Something Blue Wedding Contest from JetBlue on Vimeo.



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November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Today we honor the servicemen and women who have fought for our country and defended our freedom.

Today we honor the servicemen and women who have fought for our country and defended our freedom.

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November 7, 2013

Blue Bravest

To many New York City is a destination, to us it’s home! As New York’s hometown airline we get to appreciate this amazing city for what it truly is. From the food to the cultures and even the varying architecture, the diversity of our city is our hallmark. The opinions of New York City residents are just as diverse; just try to ask four random New Yorkers where to find the best slice of pizza, you’ll end up with six different answers!

One thing we all agree on though is our pride for New York’s Bravest and New York’s Best, the amazing men and women who make up the first-responders of the FDNY.

We were honored to experience one of our favorite home town memories recently. At 7:24 AM on October 23, our newest livery inspired by the FDNY, and our support of the FDNY Foundation flew along the Hudson. Blue Bravest was introduced to the city with this first flight, and then introduced to those we honor at an event at our JFK hangar later that day.

Like all communities, there have been times when we have come together as one. The dedication and hard work that New York City’s Fire Fighters have put into the community, has truly kept us together in some of the most difficult of times. We are honored to give something back to an organization that means so much. Many of our crewmembers are retired FDNY members and to see how much this meant to them, made the project worth so much more.

But the story didn’t end with that fly-by. Blue Bravest was put into service the very next day, and that’s when we saw you take notice. We’re truly touched by the reception the plane received, and have been honored time and time again as first-responders at airports and communities across our network have come out to acknowledge Blue Bravest, and the their own support for the FDNY and FDNY Foundation.

We hope all our customers get a chance to see Blue Bravest in person and take a moment to think about the city and people we respect so much. If you see it swinging through your city, be sure to grab a photo and tag it, #BlueBravest.

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November 7, 2013

It’s a Worcester kind of day

Today we’re kicking off service to our 80th BlueCity: Worcester, Massachusetts. Now that the weather has taken a turn for the chillier, daily non-stop service to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood and Orlando is looking mighty fine to Worcester travelers.

At Worcester Regional Airport, inaugural festivities are in full force with speakers including Worcester government officials, representatives from Massport, and our Chief People Officer Joanna Geraghty.

P.S: Even More Speed is also launching today at ORH!

The historic “Miss Worcester Diner” (also called Worcester Lunch Car #812) can be found at 300 Southbridge Street. It has been serving up crowd pleasers since 1948 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

Meet First Officer Jeremy P., a Worcester native

FO Jeremy (E190 BOS) was born and raised in Worcester, so it’s no surprise he’s excited about our new service. A few months ago, Jeremy sent us the below photo with his nephew, Caleb, at the War Birds Fly-In at Worcester Airport. We got in touch with Jeremy a few days ago to get his thoughts on JetBlue coming to ORH, air shows, and other pilot stuff:

BlueTales: Was this your first time seeing the War Birds?
Jeremy P.: This was my first opportunity to see the War Birds in Worcester since I was a kid. My parents used to take me and my brother and I always thought it was great because we could actually climb into the airplanes.

This was Caleb’s first air show. I got him a size 4 bomber jacket and taped my name tag to it. He was a hit with the pilots, who asked him if he was going to be one when he grows up. His response: “I’m already a pilot, I know how to fly!”

BT: On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about the new ORH service?
JP: I am very excited! In fact, I’m operating the flight from Orlando to Worcester on Sunday! My friends are family in Worcester are also looking forward to the convenience of our new service.

BT: Do you frequently go to air shows? Favorite aircraft? 
JP: “I do! My favorite is the Chicago Air & Water Show with the Blue Angels. The F/A -18E/F Super Hornet is probably my favorite aircraft to watch because of the low-altitude maneuvering the pilots do during a show. Every time the Super Hornet flies over, it makes your chest rumble.

BT: Since you’re from Worcester, tell us some insider info on the airport that Crewmembers may not know.
JP: The airport is actually a popular place to have a wedding. I have a friend who recently attended a wedding which was held in the very terminal JetBlue will be using today. The invitations were pseudo boarding passes. Instead of leaving the wedding in a limo, the newlyweds left in a rented aircraft.

Jeremy in Punta Cana

More photos from Worcester’s launch of service

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November 4, 2013

Gate-to-gate electronics

We see you. We see you sneaking that last minute text message on your phone, hiding your e-reader in a magazine, or pretending to just look out the window on landing while you’re actually recording a video with your camera. But as of last Friday, we’ll now be able to leave you to our own devices.

That’s right, personal electronic devices are now able to be used through all phases of any JetBlue flight, gate-to-gate.

In fact, the first US airline flight allowing gate-to-gate use of electronic devices occurred on Friday when our own JetBlue flight 2302 pushed back from our gate at JFK T5 gate shortly after 4:30 in the afternoon to head out to Buffalo, NY.

We’re really excited by the chance to give our customers more freedom in the cabin to use their devices – and we’ll be excited to see you and smile as you grab that great photo of your destination even as we descend below 10,000 feet. If you have a chance to grab that great photo from the window below 10,000 feet, be sure to post it to SoFly. We’d love to see them!

Flight 2302


Of course, we know this change in policy also raises a lot more questions than the ol’ “turn them off” era, so we’ve put together a few of the more frequently asked questions:


Will cell phone calls be allowed?

Cellular calls will be permitted while the aircraft is on the ground. However, the FCC requires consumers to disable the cellular functionality of their devices before takeoff until the aircraft lands. Putting your device in “airplane mode” is an easy way to do this, but if you wish to use Bluetooth and other functions you may wish to disable the cellular capability manually.

Are there operational situations when PEDs can’t be used?

Yes. During certain low-visibility landings, all devices will still need to be completely powered down when our Inflight crewmembers are preparing the cabin for landing. In these cases, which represent less than 1% of our flights, the pilots will make an announcement to customers from the flight deck to explain the situation.

What about laptops?

Large electronic devices like laptops must be properly stowed before pushback and prior to landing. This is necessary to ensure safe egress of the aircraft in an emergency and is unrelated to the changes in FAA policy.

Will customers be required to turn off devices during the inflight safety briefing?

During the safety briefing, customers are encouraged to put down electronic devices, books and newspapers and listen to crewmembers’ instructions, but turning off electronic devices is not required.

For more information about using personal electronic devices onboard, please visit

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November 1, 2013

BREAKING: Reports of shots fired at LAX

JetBlue is aware of the situation. All of our crewmembers are accounted for and safe. There may be delayed flights as result; customers are asked to check the status of their flight online before leaving for the airport.

Update: 11:45 AM PDT

All JetBlue LAX flights will operate from LGB.  Customers may rebook for tomorrow or may choose to fly to/from LGB or BUR.  For more information go to JetBlue Travel alerts

Flight 23, which had landed at LAX at the time of the event, will fly to LGB where customers will deplane.

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October 22, 2013

Blue Bravest is on its way UPDATE: photos!

What:   Our newest A320 livery in support of the FDNY Foundation is coming home to New York!

When:   Wednesday, October 23, 2013  approximately 7:15 AM EST

Where:   Spot the plane as it makes a NYC fly by along the West side of Manhattan

Like all New Yorkers, we have a special place in our hearts for the brave men and women of the New York City Fire Department. In fact, many of them are family; around 250 of our crewmembers are former FDNY!

As a company, we are proud to support the FDNY Foundation - the official not-for-profit of the FDNY established to promote Fire Safety in New York City and the professional development, training, and education of members of the FDNY.

To honor these great men and women and our support for the FDNY Foundation, we’re introducing a beautiful new custom paint job on one of our A320s and will show it off by flying it along the West side of Manhattan Wednesday morning. We’re calling it “Blue Bravest” but the one thing we’re not doing is telling you what it looks like ahead of time! (update: Now we are!)

So New Yorkers: get yourself up early to tweet a photo of it and you can enter for a chance to win two JetBlue Domestic travel certificates; Here’s how:

How to enter:

  • Snap a photo of our newest custom livery “Blue Bravest” (Tail# N615JB) as it comes to New York in the morning of October 23rd. Not in New York? Don’t worry, you can use the photo we’ll tweet in the afternoon!
  • Post the photo to Twitter between 7:00:00 AM EST and 11:59:00 PM EST on October 23, 2013
  • Your Twitter update must include the hashtag #BlueBravest and mention @JetBlue
  • You must be following JetBlue’s Twitter account @JetBlue

Grand Prize (one winner)

  • Two (2) roundtrip domestic travel certificates between any of JetBlue’s US destinations


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Sweepstakes begins at 7:00:00 AM EST on October 23, 2013 and ends at 11:59:59 PM EST on October 23, 2013. Open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico who are 18 years or older at time of entry. Void outside the U.S. and where prohibited or restricted by law. See official rules for details.


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October 21, 2013

T5 turns five

It seems like only yesterday we were turning out the lights at Terminal 6, our first home at JFK in preparation for our big move to Terminal 5. Moving one door down the street doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you remember we were operating flights at our busiest focus city throughout the entire process. We actually documented the delicate dance of details of our T5 transition in our very first blog posts.

As New York’s Hometown Airline, T5 was designed to make sure we put our best foot forward, and show off the pride we have for our home. We carried many elements of our city into T5. You may not know that the latticed cable work holding the digital ring high atop the Marketplace is a nod to the same elements on the Brooklyn Bridge, and that the grandstands in the Marketplace are meant to evoke the people-watching steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Public Library.

The reviews of our new terminal were stellar, but we’ve never rested on our laurels, and have constantly looked for ways to improve the experience for our hometown customers and crewmembers. So today, in celebration of 5 great years, we present:

The Top Five at T5

Five of the coolest things we brought to JFK Terminal 5, and how we’re taking them into the next five years.

5. Partner Airlines and T5i

Sharing is caring, and whether you’re headed for Hawaii 5-0 or the Emerald Isle, connecting from JetBlue flights on to our partners at Hawaiian Airlines and Aer Lingus has never been easier. Welcoming our partner carriers to T5 been a great addition to the neighborhood!

It’s also getting even better! When our new expansion at T5 (we call it T5i) is complete in 2015, JetBlue customers will arrive and clear customs in our home terminal instead of Terminal 4. Connections on to other JetBlue flights will happen without needing to move between terminals, and we’ll be able to serve more international customers from partner carriers through T5 as well!

4. Tunes at T5

Even before we officially opened the doors at T5, live music was heard in the vaulted ceiling of our central marketplace with a launch party performance by Estelle. In 2009 we launched our Live From T5 concert series which features emerging artists like Icona Pop or Emeli Sandé and diverse power players like Taylor Swift, Goodie Mob, Phillip Phillips, and Robyn. These concerts are for our customers and aren’t open to the general public, so you may want to show up for your flight a little early, you never know who might be setting up on the grandstand!

Music has always been an important part of the T5 experience, and we always hear from customers how they love the set-list heard throughout the day. Now our customers will be able to get in on the act directly. We’ve partnered with Rockbot, an amazing service that will allow anyone traveling through T5 to view the current playlist – and vote on what they want to hear next! Look for the Rockbot kiosk at T5 to learn more, or grab the Rockbot app for iOS or Android before you get to the airport.


3. Sustainability

T5 opened with a focus on minimizing our impact. With natural lighting and airflow management to save energy (and costs) on power consumption, to using reclaimed cement for the gravel “ramp” areas. We’re continuing to look for  ways we can make a difference. This summer launched a program for composting food waste collected at T5 for use at a farm in the Hudson Valley, and next week we’ll host our first-ever greenmarket, creating a unique way for New York farmers to connect with those passing through the terminal. We’re even creating a new and improved pet-relief area with real grass and a fire hydrant (hey, everyone’s important!)

2. Airspace Lounge
Looking for free WiFi, plenty of outlets for charging, and a relaxing place to sit? We’ve got that throughout the entire terminal! – but for those customers looking for a little something more, like a business center with printer or scanner, or some plush chairs in a quiet environment, or maybe just a shower after a long shut-eye flight from the West Coast, the Airspace Lounge that recently opened near Gate 24 is a perfect haven.

Operated by Swissport, there’s no need for a secret handshake to enter this lounge, it’s open to any customer for use with entry fees starting at just $25. Sit back, relax and enjoy the oasis within the oasis of T5.


1. Concessions

We opened up T5 with an impressive (and award winning) selection of restaurants and concessions, and have spent the last few years listening to our customers and finding even more partners to make our customers’ experience on the ground as satisfying as their JetBlue experience in the air. With additions like Ben and Jerry’s, Baked by Melissa, WhereTraveler Books + More, or the numerous innovative shopping kiosks around the terminal, our customers are sure to be able to find just about anything they might want to grab before their flight.

Want more? We’re not done by any means! There are still a few regular store requests from our T5 customers and we hear you. We’re working on finalizing some plans for some other popular brands to join out T5 team delivering that great experience.


We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last five years at T5. We’ve grown from serving 46 destinations from JFK in 2008 to 62 destination so far this year. We’ve helped more than 50 million customers pass through our doors at T5, but we like we’ve always said, we’re only as good as our last flight, and at T5 it’s no different. Just watch what’s in store for the next 5, 10 years and beyond!

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October 18, 2013

Favorite Tweets

We love to have great conversations via social media.  Check out a few of our latest favorite tweets:


From applauding our airline partners for their latest accomplishments



To engaging with customers who love the product


To ensuring that our core value of fun isn’t surpassed!



There is a conversation to be had with just about everyone!

Make sure to Follow  us on Facebook and Twitter,

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