November 10, 2014

Vets In Blue

Today we’re thrilled to announce our newest custom livery, one that is very close to our hearts as we celebrate our veterans this week, Vets in Blue.

Vets in Blue joins our fleet this week with a dedicated charter flight from New York to Washington, DC with current and former members of the United States Armed Forces spanning several generations. The first “Vets in Blue” flight also included JetBlue crewmembers who are veterans of military service, including the first two pilots in the cockpit and the four inflight crewmembers.

“Vets in Blue” is the latest addition to JetBlue’s exclusive legion of partnership aircraft celebrating organizations and causes, including “Blue Bravest,” which raises awareness for the FDNY Foundation, and “I Love New York,” highlighting New York State Tourism.

Customers are encouraged to keep an eye out for a first glimpse of “Vets in Blue” as it travels to destinations including Boston, New York and Washington, DC. To assist avid plane-spotters, or veteran supporters, the currently scheduled flights* of tail number n775JB “Vets in Blue” is as follows:


(Local Airport Time)




(NOV 10)




(NOV 10)




9:00 AM (NOV 11)




12:50 PM (NOV 11)




4:29 PM (NOV 11)




8:20 PM (NOV 11)




7:00 AM (NOV 12)




11:10 AM (NOV 12)




4:45 PM (NOV 12)




8:49 PM (NOV 12)




7:00 AM (NOV 13)




11:10 AM (NOV 13)




4:45 PM (NOV 13)




8:49 PM (NOV 13)




*Flights are subject to change based on operational necessity. You can track tail number N775JB live at

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November 3, 2014

Flying It Forward

If you were given one flight to spread good…
Where would you go?
What would you do?

It’s a simple question, with some potentially amazing answers. This is why we decided to launch Flying It Forward, a social movement we see as a public manifestation of our mission to inspire humanity.

Our Senior Vice President of Commercial, Marty St George said it best, “It’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of travel and overlook the reasons why people travel. Everyone travels for their own reasons. It’s those stories, those connections with individuals that inspire us all. At JetBlue, we have the means to facilitate those human connections. With Flying It Forward, we’re pulling the humanity and goodness that already exists to the forefront by making the sharing of these stories possible. It’s easy to say our mission is to inspire humanity, but it’s quite a feat to make that mission known and felt.”


Flying It Forward started with crewmembers nominating individuals within their communities they thought they were worthy of a flight. Tameka from Chicago was first. The director of I Grow Chicago, an organization providing a safe haven to at-risk members in her community, Tameka was invited to attend The World Conference on Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations in New York City. We were honored to help bring Tameka to our hometown, but that was only the beginning of the trip for this Flying It Forward ticket.




Lisa, a ground operations crewmember at JFK had heard the story of another local New Yorker, working to regain her independence after a tragic accident, so our Flying It Forward ticket brought to New York by Tameka was handed off to Teena, who’s dream of a trip to Seattle was made real after a year of hard rehabilitation.




In Seattle, Teena handed the Flying It Forward ticket on to Peter, an artist looking to make his mark back on the streets of New York. If you find yourself smiling up at a colorful mural in Brooklyn one day, you can thank artist Ten Hundred.


Louis from Stratford, CT can also thank Peter for handing off the Flying It Forward ticket to him back in New York. Louis runs the non-profit Haiti Lumiere de Demain, providing educational opportunities for children in his home country of Haiti. Watch this inspiring video about Louis’s efforts to help the children in La Gonave gain the tools needed to improve their own world.

In Haiti, Louis handed the Flying It Forward ticket onto Astrel Clovis, an inspirational man who’d put his dream of returning to run in the New York City Marathon on hold in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. This year though, Astrel was invited to run his second New York City Marathon by Sean Penn and his J/P HRO team. Seeing Astrel and the J/P HRO team run past our headquarters in Long Island City was an exciting moment that showcases the human spirit to preserver.


Now that Astrel is in New York though, the Flying It Forward ticket is ready for it’s next recipient to carry it onward. Where will it go next? Who will carry it? These are questions we want you to help us answer.

Our Flying It Forward travelers will get to choose from a list of candidates in the destination they’re flying to. These candidates are looking to fulfill a dream, join a humanitarian effort or making a meaningful impact on the world.

  • Do you have your own story to tell? Log on to Twitter or visit the Flying it Forward site and tweet us where you want to fly, and why, in 140 characters or less using #FlyingItForward.
  • Know someone with a story?  Log on to Twitter or visit the Flying it Forward site and tweet us where they want to fly, and why, in 140 characters or less using #FlyingItForward.

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October 2, 2014

JetBlue Crewmembers Recycle 37,000 lbs. Of Clothing

recycled uniforms

If you’ve flown JetBlue in the last few months, you’ve certainly noticed those sharp new uniforms they’re now sporting. We’re incredibly proud of the first big refresh to our uniforms since we were founded in 2000, but as with any big wardrobe update, we were left wondering what to do with all those retired styles that still had some use in them.

While some of you may be able to take a trip to the local vintage shop or Goodwill, with uniforms coming in from more than 10,000 crewmembers, a trip to the local Salvation Army wasn’t really an option for us, so we started looking for creative ways to clear out the closet while keeping with our values. After a lot of research, and learning from some truly inspiring groups, we finally found a solution.

JetBlue Airways announced today a recycling donation of more than 18.5 tons of used clothing, uniforms and fabric to several non-profit partners including Planet Aid, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects and recycles worn clothing and shoes to support health, agricultural, educational, and environmental programs in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. 18.5 tons, or about 98,666 t-shirts is a lot to transport, so JetBlue partnered with Loomstate to bring it all together. Loomstate is part of the new wave of fashion houses that see beauty in creating high-end pieces from recycled materials. With their expertise in recycling fabric, JetBlue was able to find a purposeful second life for its old uniforms.

As part of JetBlue’s uniform recycling program, donated clothing items can now be worn again. Donated items were sent to eight donation centers and regulated uniform, like pilot and flight attendant uniforms, were sent to special facilities in Arizona or Massachusetts to be turned into more fabric. – sorry folks, you’re not going to find easy pilot outfits for Halloween. Those uniforms can’t just be resold so people can pretend to be a JetBlue pilot!  Of the 37,000 pounds of collected textile, approximately 11,538 pounds were donated as clothing and 25,462 pounds were shredded and donated as fabric, resulting in zero pounds going to landfill.

Although flight attendants and pilots first come to mind when thinking about uniforms, there is a cadre of other uniformed crewmembers within an airline. JetBlue crewmembers, from various stations voluntarily brought in their old uniform pieces and the airline organized local pickups and deliveries to sorting centers. At these centers, pilot shirts were sent for shredding and recycling. Other pieces were packaged with donations of clothing and shoes from around the country and sent to communities in need in throughout the US, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Most of the clothing collected by Planet Aid will be given a second life. These items are bundled in Planet Aid warehouses and shipped to other countries where the demand for used clothing is high.

Sophia Mendelsohn, JetBlue’s head of sustainability was key to this initiative, “At JetBlue, we are conscious of the greenhouse gas emissions from our planes and the impact we create from our buildings and crewmembers. We are always thinking about saving jet fuel to reduce emissions. Yet, we should also be thinking about other ways to decrease our impact. With the introduction of our new uniforms, we sought out creative yet useful ways to save the old uniforms and fabric from landfills,”


JetBlue encourages customers to also explore ways to donate used clothing and fabric. Visit our partners for more details at, or

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October 1, 2014

“Now You Can Tell Everybody”… Aloe Blacc Wows the Crowd at Live From T5

Aloe Blacc wows the crowd With his thirdsolo album Lift Your Spirit, the rapper-turned-singer Aloe Blacc wowed the crowd at last night’s Live From T5 Concert Series at JFK Airport. Selling over 1.1 million singles, the acclaimed pop-soul singer and songwriter, brought an of-the-moment twist to JetBlue’s surprise and delight concert series. aloe2   JetBlue and Aloe Blacc partnered with XIX Recordings/Interscope Records and Radio 103.9  to provide some of Aloe’s biggest fans with special access to the show and a VIP Meet & Greet. Additionally, as a special treat, JetBlue provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to several lucky loyal TrueBlue members and their guests traveling through JFK. As top members of the airline’s loyalty program, these dedicated customers were able to personally meet Aloe Blacc before the performance.


Customers and crewmembers alike sang along to some of Aloe’s top hits such as “The Man”, and “Wake Me Up”. Look for video from the show on upcoming JetBlue flights later this fall.

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September 26, 2014

JetBlue Cares

Were you impacted by the PEOPLExpress service suspension? If so, JetBlue would like to help. For those PEOPLExpress customers previously scheduled to fly within existing JetBlue markets (Boston – New Orleans, Tampa or West Palm Beach; Newark – Tampa or West Palm Beach) between September 26 and October 5, call us at 1-800-JETBLUE to explore alternate travel options.

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September 24, 2014

Thanks a million!


Yesterday, we connected our 1 millionth personal electronic device with Fly-Fi®, our super-fast broadband Internet in the sky! Thanks a million for surfing, browsing, uploading, downloading, searching, streaming, playing, reading, watching, listening, writing, clicking, sending, receiving, buying, liking, posting, blogging, Instagramming & tweeting onboard.

To celebrate, and show how easy it is to stay productive when you’re flying with an “at home” broadband experience, we sent our Social Media Support team (those wonderful folks you talk with on Twitter and Facebook) out to meet our customers “IRL” while continuing to work from 35,000 feet monitoring and talking with JetBlue customers.



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September 19, 2014

Media Post Roundtable: How Climate Change Affects Companies

We are proud to have our very own Head of Sustainability, Sophia Mendelsohn featured along with Nestlé USA’s Chairman and CEO Paul Grimwood and Starwood Vice President Sustainability, Global Citizenship Andrea Pinabell  in this Mediaplanet roundtable discussion on the importance of sustainability in business. Presented here is her portion of the conversation with Mediaplanet

GREEN BUSINESS New studies show that businesses that develop goods and services that reduce the impacts of climate change, water scarcity and emissions are more successful than business that don’t.

Mediaplanet: How do you see climate change impacting your business in the future?

Sophia Mendelsohn Head of Sustainability JetBlue Airways

Sophia Mendelsohn
Head of Sustainability
JetBlue Airways

Sophia Leonora Mendelsohn: Airlines are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Scientists predict climate change will bring more frequent and severe weather events, and such episodes can disrupt flight schedules and threaten physical infrastructure.  We believe that raising awareness among crew members and customers about climate change is part of our responsibility.

MP: What do your customers say are the most important sustainability issues to them?

SM: Our customers want to know that in the future, there will still be naturally beautiful, healthy destinations– like clean beaches and national parks– to fly to. We agree. With customer support, we have increased recycling onboard and in terminals, and increased greenhouse gas offsetting to start to protect those places.

MP: How have you witnessed sustainability initiatives change within the past five years?

SM: People now recognize that business and environmentalism are completely compatible. We have invested in Sharklets – curved extensions to the wing that provide greater lift and improve fuel efficiency by roughly 3 percent on all our new A320s and A321s. We have advocated for the use of Sharklets since 2006, when we partnered with Airbus to test designs on our aircraft. Through our use of Sharklets, last year we avoided roughly 5,210 metric tons of CO2 emissions and $1.7 million in fuel costs.

MP: What is one way that your company is lessening your environmental footprint?

SM: There’s an old business adage, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” We are starting to measure and value natural resources the same way we do finances. We are calculating our waste to landfill, recycling, composting and water use. We are also attempting to measure and value the priceless– the worth of the Caribbean’s natural beauty to our ticket sales. Without this region’s healthy ecosystem, a major portion of our business would not exist.

MP: What is one of the greatest challenges you face when implementing new sustainability initiatives?

SM: Aviation has depended and changed thanks to science and innovation. Because of funding for this creativity, planes have gone from single-seaters to double-deckers in a hundred years. In the next hundred, biofuel and efficient technology will make the industry sustainable.  These need investment from governments and companies to bring benefits to consumers. Our biggest challenge is the cost and availability of biofuel vs. traditional jet fuel. We could not fly entirely on biofuels and offset all emissions without raising prices.

MP: Where is the future of sustainability going? What are some new trends that you’re excited about?

SM: Sustainability will be so woven into standard business practice that it won’t be a standalone issue anymore. What we now call “addressing climate change” will simply be risk mitigation. Volunteering, philanthropy, and social responsibility will just be brand building and protection. As social media continues to increase transparency and bring consumers closer to brands’ personalities, we’ll start to see companies the way we see people as good or bad citizens.

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September 18, 2014

A Board’s Eye View

A note from Joel Peterson, Chairman of the JetBlue Board of Directors


One of the best things about being Chairman of JetBlue is having the privilege to share exciting new developments with the JetBlue community. Today, we are announcing the details of our CEO succession plan. Robin Hayes, our current President, will succeed Dave Barger as CEO of JetBlue, effective February 16, 2015. You can read a copy of the company’s press release here.

After more than 16 years with the company, Dave has decided to take the next step in his life. As a founder of the company and its CEO for the past seven years, Dave has been a driving force in building JetBlue into an industry leader and one of the world’s great brands. We will all miss working with Dave.

At the same time, we are delighted to name Robin as Dave’s successor. During the six years Robin has worked with Dave, the Board, and our leadership team, he has proven himself to be a highly effective, collaborative leader. At a company like JetBlue, these are crucial attributes. It is a testament to the strength of this organization that, as young as we are, we have such a deep bench of exceptional talent. In addition to knowing the industry inside and out, Robin and the rest of our leadership team are steeped in our unique culture and know it is what makes JetBlue great.

Competition in the airline industry continues to intensify, but we are confident JetBlue will continue to grow profitably while preserving what makes it special in the eyes of customers and crewmembers. Under Robin’s leadership, the company will maintain its operational focus on safety and efficiency while continuing to expand its network in underserved markets and launch new product initiatives – like Mint and Fly-Fi – to create value for shareholders by enhancing the JetBlue Experience for customers. Dave, Robin and the Board all agree that continued evolution – which has been the key to our success – remains the path to long-term success for our company.   In fact, Robin set many of these strategies in motion while Chief Commercial Officer at JetBlue, from developing a robust network growth plan which provided geographic diversity to continuing our disruptive nature with JetBlue’s answer to the transcontinental gap – Mint.

This transition in leadership marks another important milestone in JetBlue’s exciting journey. The Board and I thank Dave for everything he has done to make JetBlue what it is today, and we congratulate Robin on this appointment. We look forward to working together to continue building one of the world’s great airlines.

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September 18, 2014

Statement on Flight 1416 Long Beach – Austin

Flight 1416 LGB – AUS (Airbus 320)

142 Customers, 5 Crewmembers

On September 18, the flight crew aboard flight 1416 reported an issue with the number two engine and returned to Long Beach Airport. The airplane landed safely, and all customers and crew have evacuated via slides with no reported injuries at this time. While the runway at Long Beach is closed, inbound flights are being directed to nearby airports. Customers are encouraged to check the status of their flights at


The aircraft has moved from the impacted runway, and flights will be resuming from runway 12/30. An area crewmember has accompanied one customer who requested transport to an area hospital for observation. We’re working with customers for re-accommodation on alternate flights.

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September 12, 2014

TrueBlue Program Update: Redeeming points just got easier!


Are you already a TrueBlue® member? If so, redeeming your points for travel just became even easier.  We are excited to share a new program update – we’ve lowered the amount of TrueBlue points needed for Award Flights. Now you will be able to book your well-deserved Award Flights for even fewer points!

Not a TrueBlue member yet? Sign up here and start earning points toward Award Travel today!

You can start redeeming Award Flights for just 3,500 points (+ 5.60 taxes/fees), lowered from 5,000 points, and take advantage of featured 3,500-point fares through 9/13/14. We’re always looking for new ways to increase our loyalty to our most loyal customers. Our new, lower Award Flight minimum makes it even easier for you to take advantage of the points you’ve earned.

TrueBlue, JetBlue’s loyalty program, is free to join and includes the ability to use points for any seat on any JetBlue operated flight with no blackout dates. Members can now earn and keep points without the fear of expiration due to account inactivity since TrueBlue points never expire.

With a range of TrueBlue benefits and badges, TrueBlue provides a loyalty program that rewards all customers, regardless of their travel frequency. With bonuses for flying in Even More® Space, booking your pet with JetPaws™, planning your trip with JetBlue Getaways, and six points per eligible dollar spent for booking on, rewards add up fast, and the points you earn are the points you keep.

We also understand that some customers choose JetBlue exclusively for family travel, while others mix business and personal travel; Mosaic and Family Pooling offer tailored solutions for travelers of all kinds. JetBlue’s most loyal customers qualify for Mosaic, which means more points, benefits and exclusive offers all from flying 30 segments plus 12,000 base flight points or earning 15,000 base flight points within a calendar year. Family Pooling allows small groups of friends and families to earn and share points together to earn Award Flights faster.

Visit for more information.

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