March 12, 2014

Announcing BlueCity #86, Hyannis, MA

Today we are pleased to announce, Hyannis, Massachusetts as our 86th BlueCity. Hyannis/Cape Cod marks our 64th nonstop route from JFK, where we will offer seasonal service with one daily flight between June 26 and September 9, 2014.

Considered by New Englanders to be the hub and heart of Cape Cod, Hyannis is known internationally as the “All-American City.” Visitors to Hyannis can find the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, delectable fish shacks and award-winning restaurants, quaint B&B’s, world-class beaches, the island ferries, and countless outdoor activities.

Hyannis, referred by many as the “Capital of the Cape,” is the largest of the seven villages in the city of Barnstable, Massachusetts, and the commercial and transportation hub of Cape Cod.

“Cape Cod is one of the most iconic gateway destinations in the northeast. However, without any non-stop flights from New York City, fares have been extremely high and travelers were forced to travel to and from smaller, less convenient airports,” said Robin Hayes.

“New Yorkers will now be able to access Cape Cod much quicker, more conveniently and for a lot less money. This also solidifies our commitment to New England. Hyannis will mark our ninth destination in the region.”

Our new route will follow the schedule below:


Depart: 11:59 a.m. / Arrive 1:05 p.m.


Depart: 1:45 p.m. / 2:53 p.m.

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March 10, 2014

From Beantown to Motown

Today, we launched Detroit as our 85 BlueCity and our 51 nonstop destination from Boston. We are entering the market with three daily E190 flights between BOS and Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW).

We’re really excited to give the business communities within the two cities a new comfortable (and affordable!) option for travel. And with one of the largest Arab American communities in our country the greater Detroit area we know our code-share with Emirates will be of great interest to many as Emirates also began their nonstop  BOS - Dubai (DXB) flights today.

Here are some photos from our inaugural flight today:


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February 14, 2014

Announcing our 14th birthday cake contest finalists

For the third straight year, we’ve brought together some of the biggest, sassiest names in aviation to judge this year’s BlueCity birthday cakes. Meet the panel and read their reviews of this year’s best homemade cakes below.


Brett, Henry, and Benet

Brett, Henry, and Benet

Brett Snyder, better known as Cranky Flier, is basically the world’s biggest aviation geek, with stints at USAir, America West, United, and even Eos (remember them?!) under his belt. He lives in Long Beach and can often be spotted volunteering at LGB Airport. Despite his name, Cranky is a really nice guy. Find him at or on Twitter @CrankyFlier.

Henry Harteveldt is an airline and travel industry analyst by trade and a New Yorker by birth, which means he has a lot of opinions. A true aviation veteran, Henry has worked at TWA and Continental, and is now a travel industry analyst, which means he gets his name in the New York Times a lot. He lives in San Francisco — but spends most of his time in airplanes — and tweets his travel thoughts (and lots more) from @HHarteveldt.

Benet Wilson, affectionately known as the Aviation Queen, is one of the aviation industry’s leading voices. She is the new air travel expert at and was previously a journalist with Aviation Week. An airline geek at heart, Benet has worked at Delta, Mesa Air, and Rolls-Royce North America. She lives in Baltimore, where she is currently learning to fly. Check out her blog at or her Twitter feed @AvQueenBenet.


According to Team ORH, the balloon on the left represents the tail design of our first aircraft while the right represents the tail of the most recent aircraft we took delivery of.

According to Team ORH, the balloon on the left represents the tail of our first aircraft while the right represents the tail of the most recent aircraft we took delivery of.

Henry: As they may say in ORH, “wicked clevah!” The ORH cake concept is very “on brand.” I like how the cakes incorporate the first and most recent tail fin designs into its concept and the balloon design is fun. As someone who struggles to make a piece of toast, I admire the team’s decision to create a “cake of cakes.”

Cranky: Very impressed with their sneaky placement on top of a Dunkin’ Donuts logo. For some reason, that brand seems to have magical powers over people in the Northeast, but they didn’t realize two of the judges would be in California, able to resist. The balloons do look great – I can see the tail designs in there and they come together nicely. Though the way that number 4 is listing, it looks like ORH is weighing it down!

Benet: THIS works for me, even though there’s not that sense of place I like in my JetBlue cakes. Anything with a Dunkin’ Donuts tie always gets my vote. And I like how this cake shows a piece of the airline’s history by the use of the first and latest tail art. Nice job, ORH!


Ten different Crewmembers at PWM had a hand in this year’s cake submission!

Ten different Crewmembers at PWM had a hand in this year’s cake submission!

Henry: A lot of love clearly went into this! Kudos to whoever led this effort to make this a team-building exercise. Whoever did the frosting must be very patient; If I ever get stuck at PWM and experience a long delay, I hope I get to work with that Crewmember. I respect the effort it took to prepare this cake (especially the frosting). For me, however, the cake didn’t incorporate a strong sense of place about Portland, Maine, or JetBlue (aside from the blue icing).

Benet: While this is a perfectly lovely cake, it tells me nothing about JetBlue in general and PWM in particular. I always enjoy seeing cakes that give a sense of place. I wanted to see a big fat lobster (BWI did crabs on its winning cake last year), a fisherman, or the Portland Observatory. I *need* that sense of place or the JetBlue identity. I only know this could be JetBlue-related because of the color and because you told me so!

Cranky: Holy blue, Batman!  That is gonna make anyone who eats that thing look like a Smurf for days. I’m a fan of the tall cake, but there isn’t anything Portland-like here. Oh sure, there’s the PWM in white, but you completely miss that. It’s not even on the cake!


Team AUS reports: Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this cake is no exception!

Team AUS reports: Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this cake is no exception!

Cranky: Come on, Austin. Aren’t you guys supposed to be weird? This isn’t weird! I like the blue and orange being brought into the cake – very JetBlue-y.  But I wouldn’t know what those JetBlue-covered monuments are without an explanation. I can tell a lot of work went into this, but it’s not really coming together for me.

Henry: Brett, don’t confuse AUS with PDX. Portland, Oregon “owns” weird. That’s why we have “Portlandia” rather than “Austinia.” As someone who has lived in both Dallas and Houston, and spent plenty of time visiting Austin, I give the AUS team credit for incorporating so many local elements. Bonus points for using the orange that’s a hallmark of both UT and part of JetBlue’s color palette. And hey, is that a postcard on the side of the cake? All that said, the cake has a rather typical shape. I would have liked to have seen AUS come up with a more unique shape that better reflects Austin’s true distinct character.

Benet: This is much better than last year’s effort. I get a sense of place with this cake. And that postcard on the side is a great touch. My only nit – and it’s a small one – is I would have liked to see a shape different than a boring old square. Austin deserves better! And Henry, as much as it *kills* me to say it, Brett is correct – the slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” Now will someone from the AUS station ship me some Amy’s Ice Cream and Salt Lick BBQ? xox

The winner?

We loved all the cakes we saw, and would happily dip into any of them, but our panel has the final word! Here’s their vote:

Benet:  ORH.
Henry:  I vote for ORH.
Cranky: Me too!


Congratulations to Woostah, which joins the JetBlue Cake Hall of Fame alongside Baltimore and Santo Domingo.

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February 13, 2014

We Want to Hear From You

You know, we fly to warm places too. We want you to enjoy an escape from this crazy weather, not just flying JetBlue to one of our 29 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America, but we also want you to enjoy the environment once you get there.

#JetBlueSoFly photo from @carelizapple

#JetBlueSoFly photo from @carelizapple

#JetBlueSoFly photo from @allo_alla

#JetBlueSoFly photo from @allo_alla

As part of our ongoing Jetting to Green effort, we’ve joined The Clinton Global Initiative and partnered with The Ocean Foundation to examine the impact those clean beaches have on tourism. We are assigning a measured dollar value to a healthy ocean ecosystem, including living coral reefs and a trash-free environment. And acknowledging that part of our profit comes from the beauty of nature.

“If you think it sounds obvious that travel companies profit more in locations with beautiful beaches, then we have to ask — why countries whose GDP depends on tourism aren’t already natural leaders in conservation or waste reduction?” Mark J. Spalding, president of The Ocean Foundation, said. “The answer is that assumptions are not good enough. Assumptions do not create action. What we are doing is turning this assumption into evidence specific enough to matter in financial filings.”

This is where you come in.

Please take a few minutes of your day to fill out a simple survey we’ve prepared with our friends at The Ocean Foundation about our Caribbean beaches. Help us gather the data needed to create action/. Your voice matters.

Take the JetBlue and The Ocean Foundation Sustainability Partnership survey

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February 6, 2014

TSA Pre✓™ Update

Earlier this winter, we announced that we joined TSA Pre✓™, an expedited screening program that was only available via mobile boarding passes in select BlueCities.

Now, the TSA Pre✓™ logo will also appear on boarding passes printed at a JetBlue kiosk or by our crewmembers at a JetBlue ticket counter. These additions will allow many more customers to enjoy the benefits of TSA Pre✓™, even if they don’t have the JetBlue app. (Though we love to see customers with our app!)

Customers may receive a TSA Pre✓™ logo on their printed or mobile app boarding pass when they add their Known Traveler Number prior to check-in by managing their flight on Previously, TSA Pre✓™ was only available to customers using our mobile application.

Customers with TSA Pre✓™ on their boarding pass will receive expedited screening. TSA Pre✓™ allows eligible customers to move efficiently though security by leaving their shoes, belt and light outerwear on, and in most cases, keep their laptop computers and 3-1-1 compliant liquids and gels in their carry-on bag. In addition, some customers who are not TSA Pre✓™ qualified but meet TSA’s low-risk profile, may be randomly selected for TSA Pre✓™ on a per-flight basis.

Additional features to our TSA Pre✓™ partnership are coming soon, including the ability to print boarding passes via, and integration into TrueBlue accounts. Stay tuned for more information.  In the meantime, TSA Pre✓™ is available in all domestic BlueCities. (Travelers can check the locations of TSA Pre✓™ here.)

TSA Pre✓™ on Mobile Boarding Passes is currently available in the following 38 BlueCities:

Albuquerque New Orleans (*)
Austin, TX New York (JKF)
Baltimore/Washington (BWI) New York (LGA) (*)
Boston Newark, NJ (*)
Buffalo Oakland, Calif.
Burbank, CA Orlando, Fla.
Burlington, VT Philadelphia
Charlotte, N.C. Pittsburgh
Charleston, S.C. Raleigh/Durham, NC
Denver Richmond
Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Rochester
Fort Myers, Fla. Salt Lake City
Hartford Springfield, CT San Francisco (*)
Houston (Hobby) San Juan (*)
Jacksonville, Fla. Seattle
Las Vegas Syracuse, NY
Long Beach, Calif. Washington, DC (Dulles)
Los Angeles West Palm Beach, Fla.
Newburgh, NY (*) White Plains, NY



*Checkpoints at EWR, LGA, MSY, SFO, SWF and SJU do not currently have a dedicated TSA Pre™ lane. However, TSA will offer a form of expedited screening to eligible passengers; customers may keep their shoes, belt and light outerwear on, but must remove their laptop and 3-1-1 compliant liquids and gels from their carry-on bags. However, TSA continues to add TSA Pre™ lanes at additional checkpoints  and airports.

Don’t worry if you’re not part of the known traveler program, we’re still offering our own Even More Speed product as well.

For more information on TSA Pre✓™, including how to apply visit The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also has a list of trusted traveler programs on their website that will provide TSA Pre✓™ eligibility to travelers.

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January 30, 2014

Lighting up lives across the network

During the holiday season our crewmembers work to light up lives across our network with Together We Rise – a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children moving through the foster care system. This year, we have decorated more than 2,000 Sweet Cases to donate to children who will move to three different locations before they receive their permanent placement. Giving them bags that are lovingly decorated by our crewmembers provides children in foster care with a sense of digity and empowerment because they are now able to move their belongings in a duffle bag instead of a trash bag. This one small change is something that helps us light up lives in the communities we serve.

lupl1_500sizeCrewmembers in SEA gathered together to donate Sweet Cases to twenty children in Seattle –


lupl2_500size LAS teamed up with Apple Grove Foster Care to light up the lives of 30 children with their Sweet Cases decorated with favorite cartoon characters and words of encouragement.


lupl3_500sizePDX gave children in foster care dragons, unicorns and rubber band bracelets!



lupl4_500sizeIn Orlando, Crewmembers invited children from age 4 to 17 to have a JetBlue University experience that included piloting a flight simulator, learning how to guide a plane and understanding airport operations.


lupl5_500sizeIn San Juan, PR crewmembers made sure the children received their super sweet cases just in time for Christmas at the Hogar Cuna San Cristobal.
lupl6_500sizeOur crew in STI, delivered sweet cases with the help of some of the kids’ favorite character to the local children’s hospital.


lupl7_500sizeMarty St. George, SVP of marketing and commercial strategy, created multi-color penguins for a foster child in NYC.

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January 21, 2014

Winter storm operational update

Another winter storm is passing through the Northeast, impacting busy airports in the New York and Boston area. We have proactively thinned operations to or from the New York and Boston metro area. Additionally, we have waived change fees and fare differences for customers booked to travel today who wish to change their flights for select cities through the storm. For the most current information on the fee waiver, please visit our Travel Alerts section on

For more information on how to rebook to a different flight online, or request a refund check out our Travel Alerts section on

We’d encourage all customers who are scheduled to travel today to check their flight’s status at or sign up for alerts via the JetBlue app on iOS or Android for the latest information.

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January 20, 2014

In Honor


In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we’re giving a $10,000 grand to First Book to provide books to children in need. TrueBlue members can join us in our efforts through True Giving

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January 8, 2014

Rob Maruster talks with reporters

Yesterday, we released details on our Customer Compensation plan (en Español) for those impacted by the winter storms this past week. Our Chief Operating Officer, Rob Maruster also took the opportunity to talk with reporters about the storms and our recovery efforts.

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January 8, 2014

Respuestas al Cliente

Mientras resumimos las operaciones regulares en el noreste siguiente la reducción de horario de ayer, queremos tomar un momento para informarles de cómo vamos a trabajar con los clientes afectados por el mal tiempo y dificultades operativas.

Seguimos trabajando con los clientes para cambiar reservaciones o reembolsar cualquier cancelación de vuelos, y estamos agregando secciones adicionales donde podemos. A medida que agreguemos secciones adicionales, estaremos comunicándonos con los clientes directamente a través de la información de contacto proveída para ayudar a acomodarlos en estos nuevos vuelos. También hemos establecido un plan de compensación para abordar los inconvenientes que nuestros clientes enfrentaron. El plan se dirige a aquellos clientes que experimentaron cancelaciones múltiples, y ofrece puntos de TrueBlue, crédito hacia un futuro vuelo de JetBlue, y / o reembolso monetario basado en el nivel de impacto, y el estado con TrueBlue.


Notificaciones al Cliente:

  • Los miembros de TrueBlue serán notificados a la dirección de correo electrónico en su cuenta de TrueBlue
  • Los que no son miembros de TrueBlue que reservaron directamente con JetBlue serán notificados a la dirección de correo electrónica proporcionada en la reserva
  • Los Clientes que hicieron reservaciones por un partido tercero: Por favor contáctenos directamente ya que su agencia de reservación (tal como Orbitz y Expedia) no compartirá su información con nosotros.


  • Esta compensación es independiente y adicional a cualquier indemnización elegible bajo la Declaración de Derechos al Cliente
  • Puntos de TrueBlue y créditos de servicio se crearán y se depositarán en las cuentas automáticamente antes del 20 de enero
  • Los casos de clientes que incurrieron en gastos de su propio bolsillo entre 3 de enero a 10 de enero, como consecuencia directa de las cancelaciones serán examinados y tomados en consideración para el reembolso. Los clientes podrán enviar sus recibos y solicitud de revisión a Sólo las presentaciones con los recibos serán considerados para el reembolso y todas las solicitudes deben realizarse antes del 31 de enero de 2014. Los clientes que ya hayan enviado solicitudes a través de serán contactados por un miembro de la tripulación y no es necesario que vuelva a presentar.

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