April 20, 2010

Pledge to do one thing that’s green!

Today we launched our One Thing That’s Green Pledge Campaign. Visit our Facebook page today and pledge to do one — or 10 — things that are green!  Over 64,000 people participated last year! For the best experience, please use a browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or Firefox.


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April 1, 2010

One Thing That’s Green!


In this special 10th Annviersary year, we celebrate a decade of value, style, award-winning service and making a difference in our planet. In 2008, we launched our One Thing That’s Green initiative to encourage our Crewmembers, Customers, partners and local communities to take action and make one change that benefits the environment. Today, we ask that you celebrate JetBlue’s 10th birthday by continuing to honor Planet Earth and doing not one, but 10 Things That Are Green!

Stay tuned for more tips and an online pledge later this month. And don’t forget to Do One Thing that’s Green volunteer in your local event- ask your local leadership for more information.

Check out these 10 Green Tips and join us in making a difference:

1. Think “refresh” not “remodel” when planning your next home update. One of the greenest approaches is working with what you already have. In the kitchen, new paint and updated hardware for cabinets can give you a new look without producing the landfill waste that a remodeling project generates.

2. Remodel with recycled materials. Buy lightly used cabinetry at a building salvage shop, find countertops and backsplashes made of recycled aluminum or glass, and purchase locally-made new materials. Purchasing local products reaps great environmental savings in fuel and other transportation costs.

3. Dry a few loads in succession to take advantage of leftover heat in the dryer.

4. Purchase an ENERGY STAR®-qualified washer rather than a non-qualified model. It’ll save you an average of $50 a year on your utility bills. Over the life of your new washer, you’ll save enough money to pay for the matching dryer.

5. Replace a refrigerator bought in 1990 with a new ENERGY STAR®-qualified model. In most households, the refrigerator is the single biggest energy consuming kitchen appliance. By purchasing a new ENERGY STAR® fridge, you would save enough energy to light the average household for nearly four months.

6. Purchase an ENERGY STAR®-qualified dishwasher. They use 44% less water and are 25% more energy efficient than non-qualifying dishwashers.

7. Resist opening the oven door during cooking. Each time you open the door, you lose about 25-30° of heat.

8. Purchase a humidifier. Optimally humidified air helps to naturally alleviate cough and cold symptoms. Humidification allows you to breathe and feel better and recover faster from your cold.

9. Maintain appropriate levels of humidity in your home. You’ll naturally prevent hardwood floors from separating at the joints, plants from drying out and wallpaper from peeling off the wall.

10. When possible, walk instead of drive.

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December 15, 2015

JetBlue Partners with DoSomething.org on Massive Recycling Campaign

Through our charitable fundraiser, The JetBlue Swing For Good Golf Classic, we have the pleasure of powering DoSomething.org’s aluminum can recycling campaign, 50 Cans.


DoSomething.org is one the largest organizations for youth and social change with 4.6 million members who tackle campaigns that impact every cause, from poverty to violence to the environment to literally everything else.

The campaign 50 Cans asks young people to recycle 50 (or more!) aluminum cans. Since the campaign’s launch on October 1st, over 34,000 young people have recycled close to half a million aluminum cans. This impact is tremendous when you consider that Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the entire commercial airline fleet every three months.


JetBlue is excited to support the 50 Cans campaign because we understand the importance of recycling and preserving our natural resources. We know that natural beauty inspires travel and that it is in everyone’s interest (and the planet’s!) to keep destinations beautiful. That’s why we are committed to addressing environmental concerns such as greenhouse gases, pollution, and waste. Partnering with DoSomething.org was a natural fit for us because we recognize the potential of young people and want make sure that future generations can also enjoy the special places we travel to now.

50 Cans is running until December 31st, so there is still plenty of time to get involved. Sign up at DoSomething.org/cans. Participants between the ages 13 to 25 will enter for the chance to win a $5,000 scholarship.


Need more inspiration to join? Below are some more DoSomething.org members who went above and beyond with both environmentalism and art.




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July 19, 2013

Greening It Up

Dear Variety:

It’s not just our famous customers that ask us about recycling, it is all our customers and crewmembers. Because JetBlue gives the whole can of soda and unlimited drinks, we have more recyclables than your average airline. However, recycling what comes off an airplane is not as easy as recycling on the ground. Through careful planning, JetBlue has worked around these obstacles and will soon launch an Onboard Recycling program on our domestic flights.

On July 1, 2013, JetBlue entered the early adopters stage of our Onboard Recycling initiative, creating an open venue for Inflight and other crewmembers to comment on the process and procedure. In the fall of 2013, JetBlue will take this program live on all our domestic routes.

Our Onboard Recycling program consists of two parts: one, collecting recyclables separately during the flight and two, making sure they actually get recycled on the ground at our domestic stations. The first part, collecting the material separately on the plane is a collaborative effort between our Inflight crewmembers and customers. During the cabin service, our Inflight crew will communicate to customers that we are collecting specific recyclable service items separately.

The second part is focused on what happens to the material after it is sorted onboard. JetBlue is creating a recycling network throughout our operations. In many cases, we are bringing recycling to some airports for the first time altogether. In other cases, we will be the first carrier to ensure items from our onboard service are recycled. Other airports already have a robust collection and recycling process. We applaud these airports and will support their efforts by adding pre-sorted recyclables to their system.

JetBlue is a young airline, so call us youthfully optimistic. We believe we can partner with airports and lift up waste programs across our network. We were the first airline to start a composting collection program in our hometown of New York. We are currently looking to expand this program to other airports.

We are doing our part to reduce the amount of waste we generate. For more on JetBlue’s environmental and social responsibility, including our carbon and emissions platform, please visit: jetblue.com/green

Calling All Leftovers! Composting Program At T5!
Joining New York’s Carbon Challenge
What’s Your One Thing That’s Green
Our New Environmentally Support Center

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April 28, 2013

Portland Celebrates One Thing That’s Green

In celebration of our annual One Thing That’s Green campaign, our Portland, Oregon crewmembers and their family members cleaned up the streets in the St. John’s neighborhood. They collected nearly six full bags of garbage and had a few laughs along the way as they gave back to their city. Even the rain stayed away!

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April 14, 2012

Come Help Us Green Our New Neighborhood!

Roll up your sleeves and go green with us! On Saturday, April 21 we’re asking 500 volunteers to come out and help us revitalize Long Island City, Queens by planting nearly 100 trees and cleaning up the area to further beautify the flourishing neighborhood we now call home. We will have activities for participants of all ages, so do not miss out on the fun.

For more information and to sign up to participate, please visit www.jetblue.com/trees.

Do One Thing That’s Green and enter to win two round-trip flights anywhere across the JetBlue network and $500 towards a JetBlue Getaways vacation package every month for a year.

Learn more about our previous One Thing That’s Green events
Learn more about our green initiatives

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May 18, 2012

JetBlue Is “Doing Good in the Neighborhood”

In addition to flying people to their friends, family for work and for play around our 71-city network and providing excellence in customer service, part of our mission to “bring humanity back to air travel,” involves engaging our crewmembers to do acts of volunteerism in their communities and the communities that we serve.

Our Boston crewmembers deliver the $10,000 check to The Jimmy Fund

In the spring of 2011, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team (who works to identify and organize support for worthy causes like our One Thing That’s Green environmental initiatives, our Soar With Reading campaign to promote children’s literacy, and Race for the Cure to support breast cancer awareness, to name a few), launched JetBlue Community Connection to reward and recognize crewmembers for their volunteerism, and to align our corporate giving with crewmembers’ passions. For every 25 hours any crewmember volunteers, we will donate one round trip flight to the non-profit organization of their choice. In addition to flight rewards, crewmembers can earn grants and be recognized for their efforts at the annual Community Connection crewmember awards dinner.

On March 7, 2012, we hosted the first annual event, with more than 100 crewmembers from across the JetBlue network gathering to celebrate the volunteer accomplishments of the past year. In addition to the individual awards, we presented one team, or BlueCity, with an award for their outstanding efforts. The 2011 award went to Boston, for their Wings for Autism program which benefited the Charles River Center for Autistic Children. The event centered on a field trip to Logan Airport for families with autistic children, which allowed them to get familiar with air travel in a realistic, but low pressure setting.

For their efforts, we awarded the team a $10,000 grant to the non-profit of their choice, and they selected The Jimmy Fund, which supports the fight against cancer in children and adults at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

“We are thrilled to be the beneficiaries of JetBlue’s generosity,” said Suzanne Fountain, Director of the Jimmy Fund.  ”The Boston crew’s hard work, commitment, and devotion to the community and our cause is inspiring.  On behalf of all of our patients, families, caregivers and researchers, we thank everyone at JetBlue for their support.”

Learn more about JetBlue’s commitment to the communities we serve


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April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and, in honor of the fifth anniversary of our One Thing That’s Green campaign, we’re doing something special for our customers this year. For each and every one who flies JetBlue today, we’ll plant a tree on their behalf—and that number is looking like 83,000!

To drive awareness about the campaign, crewmembers across the network will be donning special pins that invite customers to ask for details on the initiative. The tree-planting will take place through August 2012, across North and Northwest Haiti in order to rebuild areas impacted by the 2010 earthquake.

Learn more about our One Thing That’s Green initiative and enter for a chance to win some great prizes!

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May 22, 2011

Newburgh Crewmembers plant a garden at a local hospital

Our SWF Crewmembers participated in our One Thing That’s Green initiative by planting a garden for the Newburgh’s St Luke’s Hospital.

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May 19, 2010

Flying the earth-friendly skies

The Boston Globe ran a great piece about our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint that our planes create by offering Customers a chance to buy back some of the carbon they produce when they jet. When you book a flight, you are offered a link to Carbonfund.org where you can calculate and then offset the impact your flight will have on the environment. We’ve also committed to buying back carbon credits to offset Crew travel.

We are always looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint and are continually innovating to that end. We launched a big campaign around Earth Day- One Thing That’s Green- to encourage Customers and Crewmembers alike to volunteer to change one thing about their lives to help reduce the impact on the environment.

We are also always adapting our technology to the most environmentally friendly possible.

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