January 19, 2015

Boston’s Largest Carrier Helps Football Fans Touch Down in Phoenix for the Big Game

– JetBlue Adds Extra Flights Between Boston and Phoenix –

– Customers In the Air During Game Time Can Watch it Live (a) From Their Seat With Complimentary Snacks –

BOSTON (January 19, 2015) – JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU), Boston’s largest carrier, today announced it is kicking off extra flights between Boston and Phoenix to give New England’s biggest fans more options to make it to the big game.

JetBlue has added additional flights between Phoenix (PHX) and Boston (BOS), increasing capacity to its already sold out schedule. In addition to its normal schedule of daily BOS-PHX service, seats are now available on the below new flights:

*Extra Flights Added*

January 30, 2015

February 2, 2015



8:23 a.m. – 12:24p.m.

11:30 a.m. – 6:10 p.m.

Traveling on Game Day?

Customers traveling domestically on game day don’t have to miss out on the action, or the halftime show. With the most legroom of any airline in coach (b), in-seat LiveTV for every customer, complimentary game day snacks and free Fly-Fi high-speed internet, football fans watching the game on board can do so with the same comfort as their own home.

Every JetBlue seat features free live entertainment (a) with the most extensive sports programming in the sky. JetBlue airs more channels of free sports on-board than any other domestic airline. The line-up includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, NBC Sports, Fox Sports 1 and NFL Network.

“As New England’s largest airline, we are excited to see our local team make a return trip to the big game. We’re ready to get more fans to Phoenix to support their hometown team” said Marty St George, senior vice president, commercial. “With free live TV at every seat on every flight, JetBlue customers will be able to follow every play (and every commercial) on game day. What better way is there to watch the game than sitting comfortably at 30,000 feet, with your own personal TV screen, the most legroom of any airline, free unlimited snacks and award-winning service?”

(a)  Live satellite TV and radio programming is not available on flights outside the contiguous U.S. 

(b)  JetBlue offers the most legroom in coach, based on average fleet-wide seat pitch for U.S. airlines.


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January 7, 2015

Lessons Strangers Teach Me


For the past 30 days, I’ve  traveled to 32 cities in 17 states – from Burlington to California – to visit our JetBlue crewmembers and celebrate our 10th J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction. It’s been the most hectic and enjoyable experience of my life! Our crewmembers work hard to provide exceptional customer service every day, and they deserve to spend time with this prestigious award! And I’m proud to be the one to bring it to them.

When I travel to these cities and talk to crewmember, strangers become friends.  As I look back to the places I’ve been, it’s a blur of airports, hotels, and taxi rides.  However, I’ll never forget the lessons I’ve learned by getting to know strangers. Visiting one city a day has made it easier to distinguish what’s unique about the places where JetBlue flies. Each city has a special identity and culture– defined by things like skylines, landscapes, food, weather, and even accents!


In San Jose, CA, I learned to be mindful of my contributions to the environment.  Crewmembers taught me to carry my BPA free (toxic free) water bottle and to re-fill it at the water fountain.  Back home I’m guilty of using a paper cup every time I drink water!

In Austin, TX, I learned you don’t need plates to eat good family-style BBQ.  We dined at a delicious BBQ restaurant and instead of plates we received sheets of wax paper for our brisket, ribs, and potatoes.  We sat on picnic tables while enjoying delicious food and even better company. You don’t need a fancy place to enjoy a hearty delicious meal.

In Providence, RI, I learned you don’t have to be a big city to have a lot to offer.  The food scene in Providence is surprisingly diverse – with Italian, Dominican, and Portuguese influences making even a simple breakfast an explosion of flavors. I never thought eating chorizo on Portuguese sweet bread could make such an amazing first meal of the day!

In Burlington, VT, I learned any object can have a second life by upcycling.  Artists in Vermont utilize vintage maple spout taps and residue wood to create beautiful pieces of art.

In Buffalo, NY I learned a lot of snow doesn’t have to ruin your plans for the day. You can wear a coat and boots, and still go about your day and enjoy the best Buffalo wings anywhere.

Detroit, MI, taught me not to believe everything I hear about a city.  I was pleased to experience the Detroit renaissance and experience the pride and optimism of its people .

In Pittsburgh, PA, I learned about Andy Warhol’s influence on pop culture – or vice versa –  it’s debatable!.  Art wakes up our creativity and reminds us of the importance of self-expression.

Each of the cities I have visited has been a special experience for me.  Watching the architectural wonders (Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge), savoring the local food (Boston clam chowder, Tampa Cuban sandwich), and reading about the history of each city has helped me understand more about them.  However, the best way to get to know the “soul” of the places you visit is by talking to the locals. This country is a vibrant mosaic of wonderful people from which I’ve enriched my cultural IQ.

Next up I’ll visit our international cities which I know will allow me the opportunity to learn about so many places I’ve only dreamed of visiting.  I look forward to spending time with our crewmembers and business partners there. After all, they are the ambassadors for their BlueCities and the cultural DNA of  the JetBlue identity.

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January 5, 2015

MediaPlanet Roundtable – Learning Outside the Classroom: A Roundtable Discussion

We are proud to have our very own Director of Corporate Social Responsibility featured along with National Geographic’s VP Content- Education and Children’s Media, Jennifer Emmet  and Nook’s Chief Bookseller James Mustich  in a MediaPlanet Roundtable discussion on the changing face of literacy in the U.S. Presented here is her portion  of the conversation with MediaPlanet.

Mediaplanet: How can we utilize advances in technology to promote literacy?

Icema D. Gibbs: Technology is the next frontier for on-the-go engagement. As a partner to several educational entities, we’re able to help them with resources to meet our joint literacy goals. For example, we partner with Random House Children’s Books for our annual Soar with Reading initiative which encourages reading during the summer months. We recently introduced an app to the program, allowing us to enhance the reading experience beyond physical books with digital games and activities that appeal to children.

MP: What are some creative/unexpected ways to foster a love of learning in young children?

IG: You wouldn’t necessarily align an airline with literacy. However, during focus groups and research our customer and crewmembers shared that education is important to them and should be for the brands they support. Our Soar with Reading program provides age-appropriate books to children in underserved areas. We introduce reading in unique ways to our customers and communities. Not only do we provide activities and resources, we engage our customers at all customer touch points including in the community and via our website and inflight entertainment to join us in donating books to kids in need.

As an airline, we actively support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education starting at the grade-school level through the JetBlue Foundation. Tying reading into the world of aviation often lights a spark in young students. After all, reading is at the core of academic success including STEM education.

MP: How have you witnessed literacy efforts change over the past 5 years?

IG: There have been steep declines in literacy. With some reports showing that 33 percent of fourth graders are only reading at or below grade level, access to books is vital. There is a deficit in access to age-appropriate books in poor neighborhoods, with only one book for every 300 children, compared to 13 such books per child in middle-income neighborhood. To help increase access, JetBlue has donated nearly $1 million worth of books, in collaboration with our partners including First Book. Used for educational purposes, technology also makes everything relevant in real-time for students. It is important to utilize these resources in the classroom beyond traditional books.

We are also seeking help from experts in the field to help move the needle and increase access. We commissioned a study in partnership with Dr. Susan B. Neuman, PhD, a specialist in early literacy development whose research includes reading instruction for children living in poverty. She is helping us to dig deeper into the statistics and develop a plan that will really make an impact on literacy in US.

MP: What is the optimal age for literacy acquisition, and what course of action do you suggest to take advantage of that prime learning window?

IG: As a corporate supporter, our education partners have reiterated a need for resources and age-appropriate books. Studies show that children that are read to from the beginning have increased vocabulary and are more successful in school. It is never too early to push literacy. With the nation’s recent report cards reflecting stagnant reading scores for high school seniors, we created our Soar with Reading to encourage and share the gift of reading starting at the pre- and grade-school levels. Education and access to age-appropriate books is very important in building a strong foundation. This includes engaging students through means that they are currently using, including apps and other technology advancements.

MP: How can we make the love of reading a family affair?

IG: The Soar with Reading program was created as a family affair to encourage reading and help children’s imaginations take flight. Soar with Reading provides books to help maintain the knowledge base student’s built during the school year. A great way do this is with the support of family members. We encourage parents to read with their children wherever they are – at the grocery, in the airport, on the bus, it all makes a difference. We also provide interactive resources for the entire family and we also bring literacy to life with free reading events in JetBlue cities throughout the summer.

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December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!


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December 30, 2014

Travel like a Pro

Traveling can be a stressful, specially for the holidays.  After traveling to 30 airports in 30 days, visited 14 States, and stayed 26 nights at different hotels I gathered info that will be useful the next time you travel.  I asked flight attendants, hotel staff, and airline employees for some pointers, and now I’m sharing the advice that has been helpful to me.

Go nuts, before starting your journey get a bag of nuts or trail mix in your carry on. I arrive early to the airport, and between the line at security, and waiting for my flight I get the munchies. This tip also saves you cash, since it can be expensive to purchase food at the airport.

Stay charged, if you’re renting a car at your destination bring a lighter adapter for your phone.

No surprises, when traveling internationally call your credit cards and ask if they charge international transaction fees.

Counting bags, this is a trick my mom taught me actually.  Count your items: 1. Carry-on bag, 2. Laptop bag, 3. Coat.  Now you will know how many things you are carrying with you and it’s less likely you will leave something behind at the terminal or the plane.

Double take, when standing up from your seat take a second to look back and make sure you didn’t leave a phone, charger or your Harry Potter scarf behind.

 It socks! Nobody looks forward to the experience of going through security at the airport. The shoes, liquid rules, X-ray vision, and it smells like feet.  Here are some suggestions to make it better. Loose the boots or sandals, wear socks (so you don’t have to walk barefoot through the germicidal floor when you walk through).  Wear shoes or sneakers you can take off and put on without any zippers or laces. I preffer canvas shoes, they are light and comfy.

Overall a positive attitude helps us get through the not so fun portions of traveling.  Happy travels everybody!

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December 29, 2014

Happy New Year



As we get ready to tick over into 2015, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for an amazing year past, and an even more exciting year to come!

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December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays


Tis the season for a lot of travelers moving around our network! So whether you’re heading out for family festivities, returning from a Hanukkah holiday, planning for a new year of new destinations, or simply are happy settling in for a relaxing remainder of the winter, from our family to yours, Happy Holidays.


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December 18, 2014

How did I land the best job in the world?

PHLFor the next 90 days, I’ll travel to all 87 cities that JetBlue flies to (BlueCities).  Why? JetBlue is celebrating, a well-deserved, 10th consecutive J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction.  My job (if I can even call it a job as I’m having the best time of my life) is to travel with the J.D. Power #10 trophy to all BlueCities, and celebrate this accomplishment with my fellow Crewmembers.

Today is day 18, and I’ve visited 18 BlueCities.  When I arrive, Crewmembers are excited to see the J.D. Power Award, hold it, and take pictures.  As a JetBlue Crewmember myself, I find the best part of this job is to get to know my peers, and celebrate one of our greatest accomplishments together.  When we start talking, immediately they ask: How did you land the best job in the world?  I naturally tell them the story, and now I’ll reveal to you how it all happened.  It was very American Idol… just kidding!

A day in October of this year an email was sent out notifying all Airports Crewmembers of a 90 day special assignment.  The job description included 100% travel. That sounded right up my alley since I just turned 31, and I enjoy traveling more than anything else in the world.   It was the opportunity of a lifetime.   I sent my cover letter and resume.  Surprisingly, I received a call the following week, and after several phone interviews something special happened.  On Halloween, I was dressed as Darth Vader giving away candy to the neighborhood kids. Suddenly, I received an email that read the next step was an interview in person.  I was ecstatic! I started jumping up and down in excitement, and giving an outrageous amount of candy to the trick-or-treaters (it was the good candy too!).

The big day came when I had to prove I could really do this.  Oh the nervousness! I could feel the sweat go down my back.  I wore my lucky gray suit, and I tried not to trip on my heels going up the steps.  I managed to get into the conference room without needing one of those “air sickness bags.”  I worked up my courage and gave it all I had.  After 40 minutes, I left the building unceremoniously.

A few days later, I received a call on my cell phone from an unknown number, I almost left it go to voicemail.  Little did I know that was the call that changed my life. When they told me I got the job, I could not stop smiling.  I looked as if I had slept with a clothes hangar in my mouth the night before.  I had 3 weeks to pack my bags, give specific instructions to my neighbor on how to water my cactus, and I was out the door.

This journey has just begun, and I want to share it with you.  Keep following JD’s adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on BlueCityReport, and share this amazing experience with us.

I would not have the best job in the world if it wasn’t for the award winning customer service our JetBlue Crewmembers provide every day.  I have seen firsthand how dedicated they are to serve our customers, and genuinely help them get to where they need to be.  I’m honored to carry this 10th J.D. Power Award because it’s the symbol of how our Crewmembers’ daily hard work pays off.


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December 16, 2014

Sister Sister! : A Pair of Siblings share the Cockpit

Women have historically been underrepresented in the field of aviation. Currently only  4% of commercial pilots are women. While we’re proud that our own representative number of female pilots is higher at 5+%, we know there’s a lot of room to increase the representation of women in the cockpit. JetBlue regularly sponsors the Women in Aviation organization and is well represented at their events. Recognizing the importance of getting children involved in aviation early on, we recently formed the JetBlue Foundation to help bridge this gap. We also know how much children seeing and learning from representative pilots, so with that in mind, we’d like to present you with just one notable flight pairing we saw on the line recently.

JetBlue pilots Pia and Anna-Maria Kymalainen grew up in an aviation family in Finland. With their father in aeronautical engineering and an older brother following in their father’s footsteps, the aspiration of flight was always close to home. Both sisters began their own careers flying corporate jets before finding their place here at JetBlue – Pia as an A320 Captain and Anna-Maria as First Officer.

It was a long time goal for both sisters to fly together and that dream recently came true. The women recently operated flight 1480 from FLL to DCA making them the first ever sister-sister flight crew at JetBlue!

pia and anna-maria

Pia began her aviation career flying freight and corporate jets before joining JetBlue nine years ago. While, Anna-Maria followed her big sister’s lead and also began flying corporate jets seven years ago until finding her home at JetBlue three years ago.

We love to see women like Pia and Anna-Maria showing young women that there are opportunities for them across all aspects of the aviation industry, and are proud of the work the JetBlue Foundation does in working to increase the number of women in the pilot ranks. In 2013, we created the JetBlue Foundation as a way to encourage and advance careers in aviation, specifically among underserved communities including women. The JetBlue Foundation provides learning opportunities for underserved groups by working hand-in-hand with local and national education institutions that support and foster aviation-related programs. On December 17, the JetBlue Foundation will host its second annual grant presentations for programs focused on encouraging aviation careers among women, people of color, veterans and other underserved groups. For more information on the JetBlue Foundation, visit www.jetblue.com/InspiringHumanity.

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December 15, 2014

JetBlue and the Ocean Foundation Begin to Measure the Value of Shoreline Conservation

We love to see beach photos like this one in Saint Thomas (photo courtesy of Chad Sparks)

We love to see beach photos like this one in Saint Thomas from Chad Sparks.

Today, JetBlue and The Ocean Foundation released Eco Earnings: A Shore Thing, a report that highlights the connection between ecosystems and revenue. Leisure travel to the Caribbean is a key pillar of JetBlue’s business model, with many customers flying to the region to enjoy sand and sun, beautiful beaches and pristine waters. However, the ecosystems that support and provide these crystal-clear, turquoise-tinted seas are at risk. Some have already grossly deteriorated. Large-scale environmental degradation in the Caribbean is a risk to demand for leisure air travel to the area, thus impacting JetBlue.

Tourism brings 22 million visitors a Year to the Caribbean, including from cruise ships and multiple destinations that JetBlue does not serve. Regardless of how they travel to the region, these millions of tourists create revenue, jobs, and improved GDP, but tourist consumption contributes to the more than 100 million tons of trash per year that end up unprocessed in open – air dumps or local waterways in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Trash littered beaches don't encourage vacations. (photo courtesy Jackie Marks)

Trash littered beaches don’t encourage vacations. (photo courtesy Jackie Marks Marine Photobank)

This land-based trash quickly finds its way into the ocean via wind, rain, storm surges, and poor human stewardship. It washes up on beaches, contaminates fragile ecosystems, and is a health hazard to animals and humans alike. These impacts , coupled with the fact that 89.1% of manmade debris produced in the region finds its way to the Caribbean waters comes from shoreline and recreation activities (such as tourism), make the nexus of travel, tourism, and environmental degradation in the Caribbean a particularly important area of study.

Eco Earnings: A Shore Thing seeks to begin to measure both the risk and return to JetBlue from the region’s natural attractions. This study starts to link the importance of clean, intact, and healthy beaches and shorelines to tourism’s profitability in the Caribbean, with a focus on JetBlue and industry revenue per available seat mile (RASM).

Our study began by observing a positive connection between ecosystem health and RASM. The goal is to calculate the impact of key factors important for the Caribbean’s overall health including water quality, and waste along the shorelines.

When conducting a bivariate analysis to compare each eco-factor to stage – adjusted RASM — with 1.0 meaning a perfect causal relationship between that factor and RASM — A.T. Kearney confirmed a correlation between these eco-factors and RASM, although not causation. Mangrove health had the highest correlation with RASM of 0.3. Beach trash was second at 0.21, and water quality was third at 0.17. Among the factors affecting water quality, chemicals status was the most import ant factor

Through this initial study, we found positive correlations among water quality, mangrove health, limited waste on shorelines, and RASM, but more data is required to statistically prove and validate the model. This interim report serves as a call to gather more information about shoreline health and to rally the efforts of policy makers, the tourism industry, and tourists to protect the Caribbean’s greatest natural resource.

Click here to view the full version of EcoEarnings: A Shore Thing

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