About BlueTales Blog

BlueTales is the Official Corporate Blog of JetBlue Airways. As the “destination for all things JetBlue and beyond,” BlueTales publishes timely news and commentary about happenings at JetBlue and in the wider airline industry.

Recurring columns include:
A Day in the Life: Each month we visit with a member of a different workgroup at JetBlue to learn how each job works in concert to make the airline fly!

Unpacked: A monthly column where we demystify hot topics in the airline industry on the minds of fliers.

You Can’t Make This Shtick Up: Funny tales as told by crewmembers about the behind-the-scenes at JetBlue.

Tuesday’s Travel Tips:  We visit a different “BlueCity”, or city in the JetBlue network, and offer “local expert” crewmember-driven travel tips.

Blue Pic(K) of The Week: A photo contest where readers submit their best JetBlue or BlueCity photos and the public votes for their favorite one.

Weekly Airline News Roundup: A fly-by look at the biggest headlines in the airline industry for the week.

About the author
BlueTales Blog author, Allison Steinberg, works on the Corporate Communications Team at JetBlue, where she enjoys the collaboration of the wit and talent of her colleagues. She is a native New Yorker who favors humor over sadness, travel over television, and coffee over sleep.

Social Media
There are many different facets for communicating in this age of digital and social media and we at JetBlue aim to utilize those that are most helpful to our Customers and Crewmembers.  We consider BlueTales Blog to be a center of gravity, if you will, in our universe of social media. Our satellites include the other social media presences in which we inhabit, including our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our YouTube and Flickr channels.

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