October 21, 2013

T5 turns five

It seems like only yesterday we were turning out the lights at Terminal 6, our first home at JFK in preparation for our big move to Terminal 5. Moving one door down the street doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you remember we were operating flights at our busiest focus city throughout the entire process. We actually documented the delicate dance of details of our T5 transition in our very first blog posts.

As New York’s Hometown Airline, T5 was designed to make sure we put our best foot forward, and show off the pride we have for our home. We carried many elements of our city into T5. You may not know that the latticed cable work holding the digital ring high atop the Marketplace is a nod to the same elements on the Brooklyn Bridge, and that the grandstands in the Marketplace are meant to evoke the people-watching steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Public Library.

The reviews of our new terminal were stellar, but we’ve never rested on our laurels, and have constantly looked for ways to improve the experience for our hometown customers and crewmembers. So today, in celebration of 5 great years, we present:

The Top Five at T5

Five of the coolest things we brought to JFK Terminal 5, and how we’re taking them into the next five years.

5. Partner Airlines and T5i

Sharing is caring, and whether you’re headed for Hawaii 5-0 or the Emerald Isle, connecting from JetBlue flights on to our partners at Hawaiian Airlines and Aer Lingus has never been easier. Welcoming our partner carriers to T5 been a great addition to the neighborhood!

It’s also getting even better! When our new expansion at T5 (we call it T5i) is complete in 2015, JetBlue customers will arrive and clear customs in our home terminal instead of Terminal 4. Connections on to other JetBlue flights will happen without needing to move between terminals, and we’ll be able to serve more international customers from partner carriers through T5 as well!

4. Tunes at T5

Even before we officially opened the doors at T5, live music was heard in the vaulted ceiling of our central marketplace with a launch party performance by Estelle. In 2009 we launched our Live From T5 concert series which features emerging artists like Icona Pop or Emeli Sandé and diverse power players like Taylor Swift, Goodie Mob, Phillip Phillips, and Robyn. These concerts are for our customers and aren’t open to the general public, so you may want to show up for your flight a little early, you never know who might be setting up on the grandstand!

Music has always been an important part of the T5 experience, and we always hear from customers how they love the set-list heard throughout the day. Now our customers will be able to get in on the act directly. We’ve partnered with Rockbot, an amazing service that will allow anyone traveling through T5 to view the current playlist – and vote on what they want to hear next! Look for the Rockbot kiosk at T5 to learn more, or grab the Rockbot app for iOS or Android before you get to the airport.


3. Sustainability

T5 opened with a focus on minimizing our impact. With natural lighting and airflow management to save energy (and costs) on power consumption, to using reclaimed cement for the gravel “ramp” areas. We’re continuing to look for  ways we can make a difference. This summer launched a program for composting food waste collected at T5 for use at a farm in the Hudson Valley, and next week we’ll host our first-ever greenmarket, creating a unique way for New York farmers to connect with those passing through the terminal. We’re even creating a new and improved pet-relief area with real grass and a fire hydrant (hey, everyone’s important!)

2. Airspace Lounge
Looking for free WiFi, plenty of outlets for charging, and a relaxing place to sit? We’ve got that throughout the entire terminal! – but for those customers looking for a little something more, like a business center with printer or scanner, or some plush chairs in a quiet environment, or maybe just a shower after a long shut-eye flight from the West Coast, the Airspace Lounge that recently opened near Gate 24 is a perfect haven.

Operated by Swissport, there’s no need for a secret handshake to enter this lounge, it’s open to any customer for use with entry fees starting at just $25. Sit back, relax and enjoy the oasis within the oasis of T5.


1. Concessions

We opened up T5 with an impressive (and award winning) selection of restaurants and concessions, and have spent the last few years listening to our customers and finding even more partners to make our customers’ experience on the ground as satisfying as their JetBlue experience in the air. With additions like Ben and Jerry’s, Baked by Melissa, WhereTraveler Books + More, or the numerous innovative shopping kiosks around the terminal, our customers are sure to be able to find just about anything they might want to grab before their flight.

Want more? We’re not done by any means! There are still a few regular store requests from our T5 customers and we hear you. We’re working on finalizing some plans for some other popular brands to join out T5 team delivering that great experience.


We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last five years at T5. We’ve grown from serving 46 destinations from JFK in 2008 to 62 destination so far this year. We’ve helped more than 50 million customers pass through our doors at T5, but we like we’ve always said, we’re only as good as our last flight, and at T5 it’s no different. Just watch what’s in store for the next 5, 10 years and beyond!

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7 Comments on “T5 turns five”

  • Posted by David Dewitt on October 22, 2013 at 8:14 am

    Your team was great on my last flight. Had a delay in las Vegas, but, your guys did everything to keep us informed and that tookthe edge off the frustration.
    Also, as a ccustomer that fly’s with a declared firearm this trip from JFK was one of the more pleasent, the only chink in the armor has been the mandatory check from the PAPD.
    I know it is a local PA sop, but to stand by for 30 to 45 minituts for an officer is a hassle. When I fly from most anyplace I checkin and declare ( faa regs) bag is checked, no delay. Even from McArthur(Islip) the local PD check, but, it is only a 5 min. Delay. It would be nice to have a PAPD officer posted in your terminal to minimize the delays.
    Not a cop basher….my kids NYPD, I understand.
    Thanks for your service and promoting a great bunch of team player’s in your company. Great attitudes and help full.

  • Posted by Susan S on October 22, 2013 at 10:51 am

    The terminal is spacious and clean, haven’t heard the music yet but I am looking forward to it before my next trip!

  • Posted by Sarah Flammer on October 22, 2013 at 11:53 am

    Jet Blue is the easiest airline to fly. No hassel, that is what the traveler is looking for and you come through with flying colors.

    I travel with my Mom down to Florida ever January or February, this year we flew to get away and recoop from Superstorm Sandy, our vacation started in your terminal.
    Thank You to all your employees from check-in to the flight crew.

  • Posted by Coco on October 22, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    It’s amazing. I love Jetblue and don’t fly anything else. From the terminal to the employees and anything in between. Everything is great, always.

  • Posted by Luis on October 22, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Congratulation i was cleaning the terminal every night 2 years ago its a pleasure for me work for the people than use your terminal and its my favorite to visit New York

  • Posted by Luis on October 22, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    and i have a lot of friend working there

  • Posted by Maria Collado on October 29, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    Congratulation I just love JetBlue I refuse to fly anything else…JetBlue all the way..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

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