September 21, 2013

Blue Horizons for Autism

Travel for families with autistic children can be a stressful time. Together with Autism Speaks our JFK team put on Blue Horizons for Autism, our program to help families walk through the airport and plane experience, and let our more sensitive customers get use to the sights and sounds of travel without even needing to take off!

For families not attending in person, here are some great tips for parents traveling with autism:

1. After you book your flights, call JetBlue’s Disability Assistance Line to identify any special accommodations your family might need when traveling. Be sure to let crewmembers know of your requests when you check in or arrive at the gate. We are happy to help!

2. Practice waiting on lines before going to the airport. Bring incentives if necessary to help keep your child calm during waiting periods.

3. Make sure your child is aware that ALL electronic devices must be turned off before takeoff and landing. Be sure to have non-electronic toys or activities for these time
4. When dressing for the day, keep in mind that shoes, belts and jackets will have to be removed going through security. i.e. zips instead of buttons, slip-ons instead of tie shoes.

5. Going through the airport can be a challenge for any family but be kind to yourself and try to remember to have fun. Your destination awaits!

Get even more great travel tips from Autism Speaks here.

Learn more about JetBlue’s work on autism awareness here.

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One Comment on “Blue Horizons for Autism”

  • Posted by zsuzsa price on September 22, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Our entire family would like to express our appreciation
    to jetBlue and all volunteers involved with yesterday’s event.
    We had a fantastic experience with our 4 children – our youngest diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder – at the airport yesterday. This event was perfect for us, as we are preparing for a trip to FL in December and 2 of our children have never flown. We have been concerned and worried how an airport/airplane experience will effect our son with Autism, but yesterday’s event put our worries to rest. Thanks to your staff, JFK’s security and all the volunteers, now we know how to prepare for our upcoming trip.

    Thank you!

    Zsuzsa Price

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