September 5, 2013

Unpacked: Working from Home

Welcome to Unpacked, where we demystify hot topics in the airline industry. This time we’re talking about a topic that brings a smile to just about anyone’s face: working from home.

Here at JetBlue more than 1,900 of our 15,000 crewmembers work from home, mostly in and around Salt Lake City, where we have one of our support centers. Those crewmembers are part of our Customer Support team. They’re the friendly crewmembers providing that great customer service when you call 1-800-JETBLUE, shoot us a note on Twitter, or generally just need help figuring something out. These crewmembers also are on hand to support other crewmembers around our network with project or questions.

Working from home comes with a lot of perks like no morning commute and the luxury of spending extra time with your family. But if you think working from home is easy, think again!  These crewmembers have to know how to book travel, certainly, but they also have to know how to help people in all kinds of situations.  Customers call us to help them find something they forgot on the plane, to change their itinerary, or when their experience with us doesn’t go well and give us the the opportunity to make it right.  We don’t just hire friendly people – we hire people who get things done!

It’s important to us to make sure these agents are ingrained in the JetBlue culture, friendly, knowledgeable, articulate problem-solvers, who can handle a wide range of situations and personalities. To bring out these desired skills, our JetBlue Reservations agents go through a four week Initial Reservations Training, covering everything from our booking system, airline industry regulations, JetBlue policy and of course, award-winning customer service. JetBlue is able to provide a unique “hands-on” training experience where our agents get opportunities to learn by taking live calls while having the support of seasoned agents watching remotely via screen share and “double-jacking” in to listen to the call. This mixed approach of classroom and “hands-on” provides an innovative approach to training.

After their initial training, Reservations crewmembers can choose to work at the Support Center or work from home. The idea of working remotely has become a bit of a  hot potato lately, but we believe that giving our crewmembers the opportunity to work from home delivers results. Not only does it make financial sense (with lower overhead costs), it also provides us the flexibility to quickly ramp up the number of agents on our phone lines if we need to. We also believe that offering our crewmembers the chance to take your calls from the comfort of their home pays off in terms of customer service. Who wouldn’t be in a great mood working at home? One of our agents, Michelle, was even featured on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend.


Soon we’ll open a second call center in Orlando, meaning more jobs and more opportunities to work from home! If you’re interested in inspiring humanity by working for JetBlue, let us know!

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