July 19, 2013

Greening It Up

Dear Variety:

It’s not just our famous customers that ask us about recycling, it is all our customers and crewmembers. Because JetBlue gives the whole can of soda and unlimited drinks, we have more recyclables than your average airline. However, recycling what comes off an airplane is not as easy as recycling on the ground. Through careful planning, JetBlue has worked around these obstacles and will soon launch an Onboard Recycling program on our domestic flights.

On July 1, 2013, JetBlue entered the early adopters stage of our Onboard Recycling initiative, creating an open venue for Inflight and other crewmembers to comment on the process and procedure. In the fall of 2013, JetBlue will take this program live on all our domestic routes.

Our Onboard Recycling program consists of two parts: one, collecting recyclables separately during the flight and two, making sure they actually get recycled on the ground at our domestic stations. The first part, collecting the material separately on the plane is a collaborative effort between our Inflight crewmembers and customers. During the cabin service, our Inflight crew will communicate to customers that we are collecting specific recyclable service items separately.

The second part is focused on what happens to the material after it is sorted onboard. JetBlue is creating a recycling network throughout our operations. In many cases, we are bringing recycling to some airports for the first time altogether. In other cases, we will be the first carrier to ensure items from our onboard service are recycled. Other airports already have a robust collection and recycling process. We applaud these airports and will support their efforts by adding pre-sorted recyclables to their system.

JetBlue is a young airline, so call us youthfully optimistic. We believe we can partner with airports and lift up waste programs across our network. We were the first airline to start a composting collection program in our hometown of New York. We are currently looking to expand this program to other airports.

We are doing our part to reduce the amount of waste we generate. For more on JetBlue’s environmental and social responsibility, including our carbon and emissions platform, please visit: jetblue.com/green

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