July 9, 2013

Freshening up our onboard food selection

When you’re looking to satisfy your in-flight appetite, what’s better than fresh fare in the air? Our Product Development team, has been working to develop the latest phase in our onboard offering: fresh food! First came our unlimited snacks, then came Eat Up boxes, and now we’re launching Eat Up Café with fresh fare like delicious sandwiches, salads and platters that will make travelers think twice before hitting the airport food court prior to boarding.

Beginning Tuesday, July 16, we’re kicking off a two-month trial period on our transcontinental flights: New York JFK – San Francisco; JFK – Los Angeles’ LAX; and JFK – Long Beach, CA. Why these routes? On longer flights, eating is naturally a part of the experience –- people tend to enjoy kicking back with a movie and some tasty food to keep hunger at bay during the trip. The last thing a weary traveler wants is to go hungry! The trial will last through mid September and based on positive feedback, we’ll expand the fresh food offering to all transcontinental flights, and then potentially to long-haul flights as well.

So what’s for dinner? (and lunch, and breakfast, and snack time)

Let’s start at the top of the menu. Between the sweet banana yogurt parfait and the savory antipasto platter with prosciutto, Camembert cheese and hummus, we’ve got both options covered for cravings that can strike at any time during the day. For breakfast, the trio of a turkey croissant sandwich, blueberry muffin and fresh fruit cup, has something for everyone – even vegetarians. As part of their research with our caterers, Product Development learned that turkey is a top-seller onboard, which was a contributing factor behind why we’re offering it alongside a morning croissant. Plus, the protein will help travelers stay fuller longer.

Moving onto lunch and dinner, the Quinoa Salad looks mighty tasty, doesn’t it? Even if you’re not a health nut, we’re confident that customers will appreciate the variety of interesting ingredients like honey roasted carrots and wheat berries. When they’re all thrown together, it makes for a surprisingly flavorful option. Need something heartier? You can’t go wrong with the roast beef and pretzel sub. Again, the protein is filling, while off-the-beaten path extras like parmesan mayonnaise and a pretzel roll jazz up the standard sandwich; and a fruit cup rounds off the meal nicely.

“We wanted to introduce fresh products with high-quality food that feels unique and very JetBlue,” says Caroline, Manager Product Development. “Our caterer organized a food tasting for us and we selected options that we thought were delicious! I’ll definitely eat the Quinoa Salad whenever I fly, it’s just so good! Based on the feedback we receive from our customers, Inflight, and onboard sales, we’ll adjust the menu as needed.”

We’re really excited to see what customers have to say about these new products, and even expect that a few may bypass the traditional the food court fare for our new buy onboard products. The goal is to deliver a nutritious, affordable, tasty menu that gets them even more excited to fly JetBlue–-after all, there’s more than one way to earn a customer’s loyalty and this time, we’re aiming for the stomach!

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