June 13, 2013

A Day in the Life: Interning

Welcome to A Day in the Life, where we take you behind the scenes at JetBlue to learn more about the important jobs that work in concert together to run a major airline. This time, we visit with Elise, Michelle and Stephen interns at our Long Island City, Headquarters.

Remember when interning was all about grabbing coffees, making copies and filing tons of paper work? Well, here at JetBlue we don’t know those days. Our internship programs are much more than just a few months of running errands; our mission is to build an innovative internship program to identify a pipeline of future high performing talent by enhancing the intern experience. As an Intern you are welcomed on board as a crewmember, and as a crewmember you are treated. Here you are a part of the team.

Regional marketing Intern Michelle (Left) and Special Events Intern Elise (Right)

“A common thing around here is that no days are the same. There is always an event or something going on, every day I walk in and look forward to the unexpected,” states Special Events intern Elise Fider, who came to JetBlue in search for something new. Once accepted as the Special Events intern Elise packed her bags and flew across country from California to start pursuing her dreams. Three days in and she was already working her first corporate event for analyst day, where she set up the venue, created the agendas and got to meet the board of directors.

As the Intern of Regional Marketing for over a year, Michelle Wilson’ love for the JetBlue brand continues to grow on a daily basis. Her love for the brand was what first influenced her to apply for an internship at JetBlue. Everyday Michelle walks in with a smile and the one thing she looks forward to everyday is working with fellow crew members. It is always great when your passion for a brand becomes your work. A few of Michelle’s responsibilities include assisting in in effective planning of all tactical initiatives including fare sales, promotions, and regional marketing efforts.



Brand Management and Advertising Intern, Stephen Weisbrot

With a passion for aviation at a young age, and a fresh degree in Advertising Design from FIT, Stephen Weisbrot, Brand Management and Advertising Intern at JetBlue will always remember the moment he was told he had gotten the position. As if being in Zurich, Switzerland for the Christmas Holiday isn’t exciting enough, Stephen found out he was accepted as the Brand Management and Advertising Intern the day after Christmas. Stephen was so excited he ended his Euro trip three days early to head back to the states.

“Every day still feels good, I have pride in our brand and pride in my fellow crewmembers!” relays Stephen. Demonstrating his passion towards JetBlue it being one of our core values alongside safety, Caring, Integrity and Fun.

Stephen arrives at our headquarters every day around 8:30am and heads up to the 6th floor, but that’s where his daily ‘routine’ ends. His position comes with big responsibilities that are very important to his department. Whether he is sitting in on a meeting, preparing status reports, or running around passing along creative to clients, Stephen is always ready to execute his tasks and meet all deadlines. He couldn’t hesitate it enough when he stated, “I love the environment here, it doesn’t feel like work!”

This week we are happy to welcome aboard our 2013 College Crew; 25 summer interns in different departments including People, Marketing, and Operation. They will soon know how it feels to be a JetBlue Intern. The JetBlue College Crew Summer Program is a 10-week internship that is designed to develop a pipeline of well-rounded future Crewmembers for a variety of business-aligned roles within our company. We seek highly motivated individuals for opportunities within our Support Centers. Learn more about JetBlue College Crew at www.jetblue.com/workhere

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