May 24, 2013

Celebrating Tech Ops on Aviation Maintenance Technicians Day

Every May 24 we celebrate National Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Day, honoring technicians’ vital role in aviation. Thank you to our Maintenance Technicians (and to all of our Tech Ops Crewmembers) for ensuring the well-being of our fleet!

This day is significant for being the birthday of Charles E. Taylor, who is known as the father of aviation maintenance. His title is well deserved — Charles E. Taylor hand built and maintained the engine that powered the Wright brothers’ first flight. You can read the complete U.S. House of Representatives Resolution establishing May 24 as AMT Day by clicking here.

There is an amazing amount of experience across our Tech Ops department. Take a look at the numbers below to get an idea. These are the combined number of years of service at JetBlue for our Maintenance Technicians, Lead Maintenance Technicians, Quality Inspectors and Lead Quality Inspectors at our two largest maintenance stations and across our network.

The last several months have been especially eventful for Tech Ops crewmembers. The Boston Tech Ops team moved into a new hangar in December, and in February, JFK Crewmembers performed the world’s first production retrofit of Sharklets on an A320.

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