May 17, 2013

Crewmember Book Signing at T5 Today!

Today we’re hosting a book signing for two of our own JetBlue crewmembers at T5, just outside of The Paradies Shops.  E190 Pilot Brian Nastovski (“Just Breathe”) and JFK-based Inflight crewmember Heather McKeown (“Above and Beyond: Inspiring Adventures into the Blue”) will be featured. During the event, our crewmember authors will have a chance to share their work with folks traveling through our home at JFK’s Terminal 5.

Brian’s first project, released in January 2013, is entitled “Just Breathe.” “Just Breathe” chronicles Brian’s life after divorce and offers advice to help others survive. Brian introduces his ESP (Emotional, Spiritual, Physical) method to change your life after divorce.

In “Above and Beyond: Inspiring Adventures into the Blue,” Heather presents a compilation of stories that encompass the microcosm of the traveling public who have been put in her flight path. This inspiring, humorous, and empowering book is evidence of how close a flight attendant can get to someone in the space of one airplane ride.

If you are in T5 on Friday, stop by The Paradies Shops and say hello to Brian and Heather!

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