May 11, 2013

Burbank’s First Ever Wings for Autism event

Our Burbank team recently participated in their first ever Wings for Autism—an event our Boston Crewmembers have been involved with since May 2011, originally introduced by the Charles River Center and ARC.

In partnership with Pacific Child and Family Associates, an organization that supports children and adults diagnosed with autism and other disabilities, the Burbank team welcomed approximately 200 participants to Terminal A. Just like in Boston, these families practiced checking in, going through security, and boarding the aircraft.

Our General Manager in Burbank Christine reports that the event was a huge success, and struck an emotional chord with our crewmembers; everyone was so touched to see these families so grateful for the experience. We have received many letters of appreciation from participants, and photos from the day.

Participant Letter

I just wanted to express my deepest thank you to JetBlue and their staff for such an amazing time with Wings for Autism. My son, David, had a blast. He was seated in the front row of the aircraft and asked a million questions. He has had anxiety of flying and this really helped him start over coming that fear. In fact, he now sees it a fun experience after all. Peace is a priceless gift, and I think JetBlue and Wings for Autism helped my son attempt to achieve it. Thank you again.

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