January 2, 2013

2012 Highlights

With new destinations, new planes, and new service coming, we’re excited to launch into 2013, but we’re also really proud of what we accomplished in 2012. Here are few of our favorite highlights:


We kept growing in 2012 with new destinations to:

Our route map is growing even more in 2013! Where’s the next dot you want on our map? http://jetblue.com/wherewejet


We’re helping connect customers to all corners of the globe! We added nine new airline partners in 2012. Learn more about our partners at http://jetblue.com/partners


Customer comfort is important on the ground as well as in the air. Our airports in Long Beach, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico moved to new homes in 2012. New facilities for our support center in New York, and a historic hangar in Boston also help us support and grow the operation.


For customers passing through our home at JFK T5, there’s nothing like catching a show at the airport. 2012′s Live From T5 lineup included amazing performances from:

We can’t wait to see who takes the stage in 2013!

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