December 31, 2012

What Are Your New Year’s Travel Resolutions?

It’s the last day of 2012, and a time when many think about their New Year’s resolutions. As you might imagine, many of us who work for JetBlue love to travel.

See below for some of our crewmembers’ New Year’s travel resolutions and leave your own in the below comments:

Crewmember Abigail, Inflight

1. Travel off season: This is the best way to avoid travel headaches, and if you have non school-aged children, this is the ONLY way to travel. Shorter lines at Disney, fewer tourists in Europe, lower cost for hotel rooms, less crowded airplanes. Need I say more?

2. More short haul 2-3 day trips with my family this year: A skip hop to the Smithsonian museum in DC,  a chicory infused coffee at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, and a night of deep dish Pizza in Chicago to settle a bet with my husband that it beats flat New York pizza. Oh,  and there’s always Disney, of course.

3. Visit Ecuador and Paris in 2013: While in Paris, we plan to hop on some short flights to Rome and Barcelona. They will be my family’s two major (10 days each) travel destinations for the year. My three-year old is already learning french. This year’s tax refund is already spent!

Crewmember Tracy, Inflight

1.  Eat healthier and take better care of myself while on the road: I must admit I have been on somewhat of a health kick lately and realize even more how important it is to eat healthy.  You have a clearer mind, you’re in a better mood and last but not least, healthier living provides that emotional well-bring and increased confidence.

2.  Reach out to at least one person on the plane or in/outside the airport that may need that extra hand: And if they don’t need help, do it anyway. It is a good feeling to help others.  Or buy that person in line behind you in the coffee shop their coffee and call it a “Happy Day Gift”!

3. Seek out volunteer activities in places I travel to: I love to volunteer and take along a family member, friend or colleague.  It is a great way to make lifetime memories.  Google your destination and look for volunteer opportunities.  Contact the local government for guidance as well if you need more assistance.

4.  Take more pictures at my destination! Pictures will prolong the memories from a great vacation.  Start by always packing your camera and be prepared with an extra charger!

5. Seek out one new destination annually that I have never been to before and try a new adventure while I am there:  Challenge yourself with the adventure and ask around about different destinations to visit.  First hand experience is the best advice and guidance.

Crewmember Diane, JetBlue University Curriculum Developer 

1. Pack lighter: I will do this by packing a week early for any trip and then remove 10 to 25  percent of what I pack as my trip approaches.  Most of it I never wear.

2. Use only one bin in the security line: I once saw a woman use six bins for all of her stuff.   That did not include her carry-on bag! Not only did she tie up the line at the entrance, but after her belongings went through the machine, we had to wait as she emptied all six bins.   I have a laptop case that opens flat and lays right on the belt.  I bring a plastic baggie and place all items I remove into it – cellphone, earrings etc.  place that in into my one bin with my shoes,  my baggie full of toiletries and my coat.  Easy in, easy out.

3. Eat where the locals eat: In all of my travels, I find that the folks who work at hotels, taxi drivers and other locals can be a great source of information on great local restaurants.  For example, one of my favorite local places in Nassau Bahamas is the Fish Fry, a group of seafood restaurants on a pier – a great hang out spot for locals and tourists alike.

4. Schedule at least one day of down time during every trip: Many of us are busy in our daily lives and sometimes on vacation we can be overcommitted  as well and come back feeling like we need a vacation to recover from our vacation.  I plan to include at least one day of doing NOTHING – laying by the pool, sleeping in, getting a massage.

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