December 20, 2012

Meet Miguel, The Man Behind Tech Thursdays

Miguel will be the first one to tell you that he is a tech-geek.  His fascination with technology started when his uncle plugged in the Pong game on the TV in 1975.  Since then, he’s been plugged-in and played with every gadget he can get.  As a boy, he took his sister’s dolls apart to find out what made them tick and used the parts to create new toys; a feat that he has never lived down.

It might sound corny but the stars lined up for Miguel in the late 1990’s.  Miguel’s interest in video games and technology coincided with the technology boom in Silicon Valley, California while finishing his internship at the local TV station, KICU TV.  In the years that followed, he has produced and directed nationally syndicated shows for Jones Computer Network, NBC-affiliate KRON TV and Ziff Davis Television.  At ZDTV, he was tasked to create and produce weekly half-hour shows including Fresh Gear and Gamespot TV, the TV version of the popular videogames site,

In November of 2000, Miguel decided to switch gears and dive into the airline business starting with Aloha Airlines in Oakland, CA.  He joined JetBlue in 2003 because he was intrigued by the new tech-savvy, forward-thinking airline.  Since then, Miguel has been immersed in the travel industry but hasn’t missed a beat in the technology, gaming and social media world.  His idea behind Tech Thursdays is to share tips and information to help JetBlue customers get the most out of their tech gadgets while traveling.

For more in-depth reviews and more information, visit Miguel’s blog at

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