April 28, 2012

Supporting The Walk For Autism Awareness

Our crewmembers down in New Orleans recently attended the 8th Annual Walk for Autism Awareness, and despite the rain, they showed their support by passing out balloons and blue chips. The event was organized by the Autism Society of Greater New Orleans, and each year it helps to raise awareness about those living with the disorder.

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One Comment on “Supporting The Walk For Autism Awareness”

  • Posted by Moch on June 12, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    Kathi: Thanks, I am not a rock star…I am simply a mom, doing what I need to do. Just like any other mom. Thank you for the kind words, thank you from the boottm of my heart.genhorrall: I will follow you back…thanks for the comment, and I will check out your blog.T.

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