March 26, 2012

Forbes: JetBlue is Customer Service Done Right

Forbes recently ran an article that pitted our customer service against another airline’s, noting the difference in attitude between each carrier’s crewmembers. With our seventh consecutive J.D. Power Award for Excellence in Customer Service, it’s no secret that we’re doing a great job in delivering something special onboard, and the compliment letters we receive from customers reinforce this. Here’s a recent note that landed in our mailbox:

“My family and I recently took a trip to Orlando on JetBlue. Our nine-year-old daughter suffers from anxiety issues, and it was more challenging than usual to get her on our departing flight from Boston. Two of the flight attendants noticed that my daughter was panicking in her seat prior to taking off. Lenka and Kiesha helped to calm her down, and kept an eye on her throughout the entire flight. Kiesha even taught her a kid-friendly little trick to keep her turbulence fears at bay (hold your hands above your head and make them dance).

While we were at Sea World in Orlando, we met a JetBlue pilot, and I asked him to speak to my daughter about the safety of flying. He sat down next to her, and explained that she has nothing to worry about. I asked the pilot—Captain Stevo—if he would be flying our flight home to Boston. He said it wasn’t likely, but while we were waiting at our gate a few days later on our way back home to Boston, I saw a pilot that looked like Captain Stevo walk down the jetbridge (although I wasn’t sure if it was him).

Once again, my daughter started to panic as we were boarding, but that quickly passed when we saw Captain Stevo in the cockpit! He patted her on the head, and assured her that he would take good care of her. After being seated for a few minutes, Captain Stevo came down the aisle and once more told her that everything would be OK—her face lit up, and we didn’t have any issues going home.

I was so impressed by the level of kindness my family received from your crewmembers—it was so far beyond any expected level of customer service. I will never fly with another airline other than JetBlue!”

Read the recent Forbes article:

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3 Comments on “Forbes: JetBlue is Customer Service Done Right”

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  • Posted by Jet Charter News on March 30, 2012 at 7:35 am

    What an annoying story. Commercial flights can be so irritating at times.

  • Posted by Constance A. Davis on June 7, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Love my flying experiences with Jet Blue but their offer for Jet Blue American Express card and opportunity to receive addition points has proven to be a huge disappointment. My daughter received an offer to receive points for each person she referred for a card. Her sister, her father and myself all requested and received cards and she has not receied her points after over a year. She has made phone calls and to this date absolutely no resolution. Eac time she has called, has been told there is no record of previous phone request……….
    Constance A. Davis

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