March 25, 2012

Burbank Crewmembers School Some Kids

Burbank High School recently held its annual High School Fair, and our local crewmembers were on hand to represent JetBlue.

The team reports that the students asked a lot of questions regarding the type of jobs offered at JetBlue, and in the aviation industry. Interestingly, the kids were surprised by how many jobs at our airline don’t necessarily involve flying!

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One Comment on “Burbank Crewmembers School Some Kids”

  • Posted by Nora on June 12, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    I worked in a csnaio security department when I lived in Nevada, and bomb threats were nothing unusual for us — everyone in my department was trained to search (unobtrusively), as bringing in the bomb squad would have meant evacuation, and you DO have to search after every threat — even though they’re 99% false, you can’t gamble with a single one.As often as not, the threats were called in within minutes after we had put someone out of the csnaio for being drunk & unruly.We probably would have heard from the jerk at the airport if he’d lost money at one of our tables.>>> When I lived in San Francisco and needed to commute to L.A., the Oakland – Long Beach run via JetBlue was also my standard trip. :-)

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