March 23, 2012

Burlington Rocks Airport Award

Looks like JFK T5 isn’t the only terminal in our system to be recognized. Burlington International Airport has won an award for “airport with the most unique services” by Airport Revenue News (ARN). Each year, this monthly magazine runs an online contest that rates North America’s airports and airport retail operations. And while our customers enjoy the airport’s amenities, so do our crewmembers!

From the beautiful mountain views, to the wooden rocking chairs—for a cozy, homey feel—there is much to love about Burlington International. Just like T5, BTV aims to deliver standout services that exceed travelers’ expectations of traditional airport offerings. Massage chairs, free WiFi, and uniquely Vermont merchandise including Green Mountain Coffee, maple syrup, and clothing, are a few examples of what you can find.

Read more about Burlington’s award here.

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One Comment on “Burlington Rocks Airport Award”

  • Posted by Addie K. on March 23, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Burlington rocks, ha ha. Thanks for sharing this; I think my local airport is terrific. In addition to unique services, there is also a strong art scheme at the airport.

    This artwork is especially beautiful. Unfortunately, this art work is not by the jetBlue gate, which means it cannot be accessed by jetBlue ticket holders. :-(

    Last November, I had the fortunate of seeing the colorful Skygates artwork in person when I flew on a non-jetBlue carrier to Nashville via Reagan National. It was disappointing to me to discover jetBlue no longer flies to Nashville, for which I understand, but I didn’t feel so terrible when I saw a jetBlue crewmember on the DCA flight as well! At least I was in good company :-)

    While there may be not as stunning art work, there are poems by the jetBlue gate at BTV. See “Maple Apple Birch” in this link w/ photo on top of webpage, This distinguishes BTV from other airports without an art scheme. I have read that the SFO airport is really great with its art and exhibits. Someday, I hope to see the SFO Museum in person.

    PS – If jetBlue ever seeks a curator/researcher, or an archivist/heritage museum technician a la Delta, please advertise it. That is a dream job for me, I love airplanes, art and design, and aviation history; I also have a master’s in Museum Studies, and I am a huge fan of jetBlue. I especially admire the sleek designs of jetBlue! That gets me up the air probably just as much as the other perks jetBlue offers passengers :-)

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