March 6, 2012

Travel Advice Flying Your Way: Introducing Wingman and Wingwoman!

Drumroll, please! Welcome to the first installment of our new monthly column brought to you by our very own inflight crewmember Wingwoman Tracy, and pilot Wingman Quinton, who will dig deeply into their extensive expert experiences in the airline industry to deliver you fresh travel tips and tricks. The first topic is spring break travel.

Meet Tracy

“Vacations do not begin when you arrive at your destination, they begin the moment you board the plane.” With nearly 20 years of experience in the airline industry, Tracy Christoph is a knowledgeable, effervescent JetBlue flight attendant with a passion for travel, culture and customer service.   Tracy attended the Wilma Boyd Travel/Business School in Pittsburgh, PA but her education extends far beyond classroom borders; her extensive career in the airline industry has taken her around the world, a learning experience she considers unparalleled.   Prior to her eight years as an inflight crewmember for JetBlue, Tracy worked as an initial operating experience instructor, ticket counter supervisor and initial training instructor, on both domestic and international flights. Tracy has been with JetBlue since 2004, based out of New York and Florida, and currently out of Boston, MA.

The recipient of JetBlue’s “Excellence in Customer Service” award, Tracy is committed to providing flyers with an enjoyable experience every time she steps onto a plane. Though she’s a world traveler, Tracy’s heart remains in Virginia, where she was born and raised.  No stranger to the spotlight, Tracy has appeared as an extra in movies and on television, and is also a former beauty pageant participant with a few titles under her belt.

In her spare time, Tracy enjoys coupling her travel with volunteer opportunities, most recently with her daughter at an orphanage in Jaibon, Dominican Republic.  In addition to her role at JetBlue, she attends the University of Richmond in in Virginia, and is on track to earn her Bachelor’s degree this year.

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Meet Quinton

JetBlue First Officer Quinton has clocked more than 7,000 hours airborne, not counting the countless hours he’s spent out of the driver’s seat traveling the globe for fun. As comfortable in the air as on the ground, Quinton received his B.S. in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University before joining JetBlue in May 2011.  Flying to JetBlue’s 70 domestic and international destinations from his base at New York’s JFK airport, Quinton is committed to providing superior service in every aspect of the air travel experience.

When he is not jet-setting for work, Quinton is an adventure-seeker keeps active in all areas of his life.  He prefers connecting with people face-to-face and exploring new sights and sounds with all the excitement they have to offer.  His hobbies include scuba diving, surfing, backpacking, rock climbing, cycling, triathlons, skiing and, of course, anything that involves air travel.

As an avid photographer and talented videography instructor, Quinton loves to share his passions and experiences with others.  In addition, Quinton is a wealth of knowledge for travel tips and tricks, which he generously imparts to customers flying JetBlue to create adventures of their own.

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2 Comments on “Travel Advice Flying Your Way: Introducing Wingman and Wingwoman!”

  • Posted by Tolfe Lee Albert on March 6, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Thank you for the work you do and your efforts to do more! God bless you both and the thousands of others keeping JB in the air and safe.

  • Posted by Debbie Candullo on March 6, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    What a Beautiful YOung Lady..!! You are lucky to have such a lovely Beautiful woman working for you..!!!! and Quinton.. I believe i have had him on my plane already .. he too is handsome.. and looks quite familiar..! I love Jet Blue… Please try your hardest to keep your prices low.. fighting the Gas Gouge..! WE would appreciate it. Its the only way I get to see my loved ones.. and I wont fly anyother Airlines… Yet !! Things are getting tight all over but I try my damdest to stick with Jet Blue which usuallly is the lower priced one anyhow.. but please please Try to keep it that way. I know things are getting hard for all of us, but your ailines is my top rated.. and I hate all the rest.. …. It would be amazing if you can do this.. still proving to the world.. that you are the better ailines..!!
    Also, I sent in a flying idea.. no one every answered me. I was thinking of putting a Camera; on the bottom of the plane. Of course its at captains options or rules.. but along with your tv.. YOu could advertise, Everyseat is a window seat. Imagine Leaving NY at night or Las Vegas, Going over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam.. All of these things can be seen somewhat from the window but not everyone has that opportunity to see.. I am thinking the Captain Switches on the Camera and bam…… Jet blue, where ever seat is a window Seat.!! I love it. Tell me if i am nuts but i think it is a great logo.. YOu already have the TV’s what would a camera cost to put in the bottom of the plane.. Kids would love it and of course all the passengers that want to see Las Vegas taking off or landing. It can be shutt off and put on at your order.. OK>> Well thanks Jet Blue. YOu are all Amazing. Thank you for keeping prices low and Service High..! Oppps another logo..! Debbie C. From New York

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