December 31, 2011

Spread Holiday Cheer Challenge: JetBlue University

Earlier this month, we asked our crewmembers to submit their stories about memorable volunteer experiences. In the spirit of giving, we share some of these stories with you.

JetBlue University Donates Bicycles to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida

The holidays came a little early this year for six members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida – Tupperware Branch, who were invited to be special guests of JetBlue University at our Orlando Support Center.  The kids – who ranged in age from six to 11 – were all chosen by the club to receive a very special gift – a brand new bicycle.

Accompanied by their counselor Martha, the kids waited anxiously and excitedly wondering what was in store, while a large group of faculty and staff representing all colleges and support teams assembled around the massive holiday tree in the atrium.  Many were as excited as the kids they were about to meet because in the atrium, covered by tablecloths, were six brand new shiny bicycles with matching helmets and gift bags.

Suddenly the doors opened and in walked a conga line of six eager club members, dressed in red and white club T-shirts, eyes closed, holding on to one another as they were led into the atrium to face the smiling crowd of strangers.   All were welcomed, told not to peek and asked to introduce themselves.  One by one, in voices barely above a whisper, the kids said their names and stood there patiently while the faculty counted down to the surprise.

At the count of three, the kids turned and stood there with a look of amazement on their faces, not sure what to do until they realized the bikes were for them .  Only then did they move forward to accept their gifts and suddenly, there were smiles from ear to ear as each child claimed a bike.    It was hard to tell who enjoyed the surprise more – the kids or the faculty!

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