July 14, 2011

Not Quite JetBlue’s Flight Plan, But Fun Nonetheless

While we’re all sold out of our $4 or $5 Burbank to Long Beach flights to escape the traffic in Los Angeles this weekend when a 10-mile stretch of the 405 is closed for construction, you can still take advantage of our 40.5% discount off airfare on Getaways vacation packages to Las Vegas, including an additional $40.50 off the total price. Discounted packages for two including airfare and two-night hotel stay starts at just $205! Escape from L.A. altogether by visiting jetblue.com/getaways and access the discount by entering the promo code CA405.

While we’re not exactly landing ON the 405, we will be flying OVER it this Saturday. Check out a clever video created by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt about a close call with a jumbo jet landing on the 405 (and the unfortunate dude who happened to be driving on it at the time).

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