February 19, 2011

JetBlue named one of the top 40 brands for customer satisfaction

J.D. Power and Associates named us as one of the top 40 brands for customer satisfaction, regardless of industry. As the recipient of the top score among airlines for six straight years, this is in line with past recognition, but it’s certainly a big honor to know that our level of customer service ranks as one of the best even beyond the airline industry.

Thank you to all of our fabulous Crewmembers and Customers for making this possible!

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One Comment on “JetBlue named one of the top 40 brands for customer satisfaction”

  • Posted by Fosil on March 6, 2012 at 11:11 am

    It’s great to know the flight aandtetnts are caring and doing their best to help. Friendly, nice staff always makes a huuuge difference. I loath the seat design on pretty much all airline’s economy class. the headrest always pushes my head forward to an awkward position, and the back is just so sunk in that it’s hard not to hunch. I remember once the flight was not full, and several seats around me was empty, so I gathered 6 pillows, to fill out the sunken part for my back and extras for my neck. It was the most comfortabke journey on economy I ever had. of course, now, I never have the guts to ask for that many pillows….

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