December 31, 2010

Weekly Airline News Roundup – Blizzard!

Need we say more? This week was all about the blizzard that dropped more than two feet of snow (and distress) on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, displacing more than a million travelers across the U.S. during the busiest travel week of the year.

Here’s to a very happy and healthy (and possibly dryer) 2011!

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!

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One Comment on “Weekly Airline News Roundup – Blizzard!”

  • Posted by Jeff Kramer on January 5, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    I waited until yesterday to call JetBlue because I figured they’d be busy with all the problems as a result of the storm. Everyone has a story.

    But after speaking with several representatives on the phone yesterday, I’m surprised at the corporate attitude. I had to take a bus home after waiting in Terminal 5 for two days. They kept canceling and rebooking me between Dec. 26 and Dec 28. When I finally asked for a refund on my return ticket, they said they couldn’t issue the credit for “technical” reasons.

    I don’t think the problem was the weather, but rather one of management and a system-wide melt-down. At this point, I’m expecting a full refund on the whole ticket not just the “unused portion” because they failed to issue the refund at the airport and getting home cost me more time and expense than the cost of the original ticket. If anyone is filing a class action suit, please let me know at 585-414-1398.

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