December 15, 2010

Home For The Holidays – Where are you going?

Are you traveling home for the holidays? JetBlue is committed to our home and dedicated to offering the best value and service in air travel today.  Today, as New York’s hometown airline, look for a video montage on Facebook of our Crewmembers and some of their favorite places to be during the holidays. We also invite Customers to submit a video about your favorite hometown locales on our YouTube channel. Help us spread the holiday cheer!

See below for our video and post your own.

Some quick thoughts for your video:

  • Have fun! Tell us what “home for the holidays” means to you, and what excites you about the holiday season.
  • Remember that YouTube is a public place. Be careful about information you share. “I’m heading home to Buffalo” is probably cool, “My home is at 413 Milbrook St. and the key is under the mat.” – not so much.
  • Play nice: Your opinions are always welcome, but attacks will not be permitted. Offending posts are subject to removal.

And because everyone likes a little legal:

  • It is not acceptable to post any content infringing on copyright, trademarks, or property rights of any party or is deemed to be illegal by any local, state, federal, or international law. Misrepresentation of identity, associations, or expertise will be removed.
  • Your content is your content. We reserve the right to remove the links to your content from our YouTube replies, but will not republish any content you post without a friendly chat with you first.

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