December 3, 2010

Weekly Airline News Roundup – Increase

Whether it be technologically, logistically, socially or otherwise, it felt like there was an increase in services, partnerships, offerings, etc. in the airline industry this week. The week started out with BA shareholders approving the proposed merger with Iberia, and LAN announcing its intention to increase its ownership by acquiring Colombian airline, AIRES.  Our friends over at Lufthansa this week announced that they will begin using biofuel soon and they also relaunched their in-flight high-speed internet this week, and our new friends at Emirates will increase service with its new destination, Basra, Iraq, and Geneva, Switzerland.

The major U.S. airlines, us included, are adding seats due to a more optimistic economic outlook.  And, despite expectations that the new TSA screening protocol would increase delays at airports during the busy Thanksgiving travel weekend, it was actually weather that slowed things down.

Southwest is seeing an increase in ticket scams, whereby people are buying airline miles online from sellers, only to find out they don’t translate to real tickets.  The Airline Transport Association, meanwhile, hopes to see an increase in their pull on K Street with the appointment of a GOP lobbyist as their new CEO.

In more fun news, airports and airlines are to blame for the increase in the accessibility of alcohol among travelers, making those 3 a.m. layovers potentially way more entertaining*. *We support the responsible consumption of alcohol and do not encourage behavior such as performing cartwheels in the terminal, singing in the jetbridge, or any other activities that may result from increased alcohol consumption at odd hours, especially in foreign places.

Singapore Airlines plans to return to its use of the A380s with service between Singapore and Melbourne. Richmond, Virginia, meanwhile is increasing funds to get travelers to fly on the low-cost carriers out of RIC in a “use ‘em or lose ‘em” campaign. And Airbus plans to update the engines and wings on its A320s.

The U.S. government decided this week to take over passenger checks, formally the responsibility of the airlines. Qatas is upping its game over its recent A380 engine woes by shoring up its options to sue Rolls-Royce. This week, the U.S. also increased the safety rating on Mexico, and United and Continental are increasing its efforts to resolve an ongoing pilot dispute using mediation.

This week at JetBlue, we announced our Getaways Top Secret Sale, announced plans for increased service between Long Beach and Las Vegas, and we held the latest in our Live From T5 Concert Series, Straight No Chaser.

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend.

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