December 2, 2010

And the Blue Pic(K) Winner is…!

"White Mountains, New Hampshire" by Theresa Stewart

About the photo/photographer:

I was born in South Boston, raised in Cambridge and reside in Anaheim about 8 miles from the Long Beach airport. I go back to my home in New England every year. I love New England. I was just in the White Mountains in October using, of course, JetBlue. I got to hike the breathtaking trails which is where I took this photo.
I work for a Medical Diagnostic Mfg in Denver, which by the way I cannot get a direct flight from Long Beach yet. I do hope you are working on that. I have two kids in college in Southern California. I love JETBLUE! I use you to FL, NY, MA regularly.

If you’d like your JetBlue or BlueCity pic to be included, please send your submissions to and don’t forget to include your name and where you took the pic.

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