November 25, 2010

And the Blue Pic(K) Winner is…!

"Happy jetting" by Iyesha Stultz

About the pic/photographer

I wanted to share this pic because we fly JetBlue quite often back in forth to San Francisco (from Long Beach) to visit my brother and your airline is the best! My daughter’s name is Olivia and she’s 2 years old. She’s disabled so it sometimes makes it difficult to lug all her things around and sometimes people get impatient. But I know when we fly JetBlue, we will have no problem! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and it truly makes a difference to how smoothly everything goes when we fly. Everyone always compliments me on how well she behaves while flying, but I think it’s because everyone goes out of their way to make her feel comfortable,
In this pic, we were flying back from San Fracisco. This was the first time she had her own seat and was ecstatic! She was watching cartoons on her own tv (I hadn’t even put her headphones on yet!) and was smiling so big, I just had to capture it!
Thank you so much for everything, and we will continue to fly JetBlue.

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