October 7, 2010

And the Blue Pic(K) Winner is…!

"Roadside snack, Puerto Rico" by Amy Tarshis

About the photographer/traveler extraordinaire, in her own words:

“I’m known as a real ‘people person’. I enjoy writing but recently started taking photos with my iphone and have found that pictures really do ‘tell a story’! I am a frequent traveler to Puerto Rico and people here often ask why I’m so drawn to it, asking if I have family in PR (which I do not). I usually attribute it to the fact that as a young girl, I’d watch my father shave in the morning to the sounds of Latin Music (usually Mambo or Salsa) on his AM radio…so perhaps its rhythmic sounds drew me towards its lively culture and eventually to its’ vibrant people.

Loiza is a part of San Juan that has a large population made up of freed or escaped African slaves. It has historically been a place where black Puerto Rican music was born and it is the birthplace of  a folkloric genre of music known as “Plena” whose creation was influenced by African and Spanish music. On the weekends, there are dozen of small food kiosks, known as ‘kioskos’ in Spanish that line the beautiful beaches of Pinones. Many sell ‘Pincho’ (delicious fresh-grilled chicken kebabs) for $2 a piece and Pina Coladas for under $4. Its a great way to interact with the local people and enjoy real island life. It’s authentic Puerto Rico and it’s only five minutes from the main airport in San Juan (SJU)!

‘Frituras’, a variety of fried items which are popular throughout the island, is a specialty along this route with ‘Bacalaitos’ (Fried Codfish Fritters) being a local favorite, my picture is of one woman I met whose fritters were superb because she and her family spend every weekend together at their kiosk and serve these up with LOVE!”
-Amy Tarshis
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2 Comments on “And the Blue Pic(K) Winner is…!”

  • Posted by Omar Reyes on October 7, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Nothing beats going to the beach on a saturday in Loiza with a freshly fried all crunchy codfish fritter (bacalaito) in one hand and a “a pina colada” in the other… It’s just pure paradise and Jetblue make its so easy and convinient to get there…

    Great picture Amy love the fire coming out of the grill! I can even smell it…

  • Posted by Joel on October 7, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Gotta love Pinones and SJU see you on 10/16

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