October 7, 2010

All You Can Jet Comes to a Close

All good things must come to an end. Sadly, the same holds true for our 2010 All You Can Jet. People are already asking about next year and starting the countdown til they can jet freely and frequently again. For now, we bid our adieu to our wonderful AYCJetters and the beautiful travels they enjoyed, and we celebrate some of the many documented travels below:

Young activists get set to jet with a chance to win All You Can Jet passes: We teamed up with DoSomething.org to offer an All You Can Jet™ Contest, where five lucky winners will be selected to use the travel pass to further their social action effort. Visit DoSomething.org to read the full reports from the AYCJetters.

One man’s quest to make others dreams (and then his own) come true: Stephen had a dream ever since he was a small child to be a guest on Oprah. Now with the show in its 25th, and last, season, and he now a filmmaker at 25 years of age, he feels it’s time to try to make that dream happen.

Where in the world (or BlueCity network) is AYCJetter Howard? There are so many wonderful stories emerging from our All You Can Jetters as they make their way around the BlueCity circuit during this 30-day period of unlimited pass travel. Meet Howard. Howard is one very enthusiastic AYCJetter that is packing in as many cities as he can get to.

Wounded Warrior Project to participate in All You Can Jet: Over the course of September, wounded warrior Robert Luscomb and his wife will use the All You Can Jet Passes to attend various events across the country, as part of a partnership between us and the Wounded Warrier Project.

AYCJetters in Bogotá: Our AYCJetters are making their way to the farthest reaches of our BlueCity network and 57 of them stopped by Bogotá on Monday! Crewmembers greeted them with a warm welcome and tasty, local treats including Colombian empanadas and cocadas (coconut pastries) and equipped the travelers with local maps for their exploring pleasure.

See the full history of AYCJ posts on BlueTales.

Check out a smattering of our AYCJ Tweets below and be sure to visit Twitter for lots more!

@trayctrayc “I am craving animal crackers and reality tv. @jetblue I blame you :)”

@chumdinger “My 4000th tweet was at LAX after finishing All You Can Jet. How fitting.”

@vegasjeff “Been traveling for 1 month now, done lots of walking… I’m in New York… at the cousins place… and it’s good to just chill and relax.”

@stevecooks “Thanks to Jo, Brie & Lisa! A great crew for my last #AYCJ flight on @JetBlue”

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