September 17, 2010

AYCJetter pays special visit to our Customer Support Center in Salt Lake City

AYCJetter, Drew Lawrence visited our Customer Support Center in Salt Lake City on Thursday. He was met with a warm welcome.

With the start of AYCJ travel Drew is traveling over 33,000 miles over the course of 29 days (and 30 flight segments!) on his AYCJ Pass to ‘Raise Cancer Awareness’ and ‘Make Positive Connections’ in memory of his mother, Kathleen Lawrence (who died of brain cancer during Drew’s first year in college).

Drew says, “I am doing this because I want to work to eliminate the connection that we all share because of cancer.  I want to get rid of those negative connections and replace them with positive ones; whether that be positive conversations, experiences, second-hand stories, or just positive thinking.”

Drew is chronicling his travels all across America through his blog, Facebook, and Twitter. To find out more about Drew and his inspiring journey, please visit his social media sites online:

Drew was excited to meet all of our Support Center Crewmembers, the fabulous “behind-the-scenes” JetBlue Crewmembers who have helped provide him and all the other AYCJetters out there with such a great AYCJ JetBlue Experience.

Happy trails Drew and thanks for stopping by to see us!

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