September 14, 2010

Tuesday’s Travel Tips – Las Vegas!

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It’s Vegas, baby! This week’s Tuesday’s Travel Tips takes us to Las Vegas. A city in the desert, this “manufactured” town is truly unlike anywhere else in the world. You can gamble and eat and drink to your heart’s content. And then gamble and eat and drink some more. And not know what time it is. And not feel guilty. Only in Vegas.

Flying into McCarran International Airport (LAS) gives you a good sense of just unique Vegas is. You’ll see lots of nothing – vast desert with not a house, store or sign of human life in sight, and then a tiny strip will emerge below your eyes; a lone life force in an otherwise uninhabited land.

When you land and make your way to The Strip you’ll find the polar opposite of uninhabited; a

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completely overdeveloped, potentially epileptic-inducing, 24-hour pumpin’ town. Dozens of hotel casinos beckon for you to enter and lose yourself in the clockless commotion.

Be sure to take advantage of the dining options while you’re in town. Vegas, especially in more recent years, has attracted celebrity chefs to the area and brought with them delectables like truffles and other, rare foods. All the tastes to your fill your stomach to your heart’s delight are imported into the city of sin and the chefs compete for business. And you know what competition means – better offerings! You can sink your teeth into fish shipped from Greece the night before, rare spices from Asia, and more. If you’re trying to save all your money for the blackjack table, of course there’s also the 1/2 pound

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hot dog for just a $1. When you need a break from the slots, there are always a variety of shows you can catch, from sporting events like boxing and ultimate fighting, to performers like Celene Dion, to everything in between. You can watch the Vegas showgirls kicking their legs in unison, lay by the pool at your hotel and sip on something sweet, or even grab a massage or a round of golf.  You can also visit the World of Feng Shui (WOFS), located off the strip at 4011 Spring Mountain Road, right in the middle of Chinatown for your lucky charms! Let them know that Fran of Jetblue Boston sent YOU!

Remember that Vegas is Disneyworld for grownups! If you can dream it, they can deliver it!

Do you have some good Vegas travel tips? Leave them in the comments below, or Tweet them using the hashtag #TTLAS.

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