September 10, 2010

Airline Weekly News Roundup – Bluelicious

OK, we know it’s not all about us. There was actually a lot of big news items to come out of the airline industry this week, but we just had so much fun news this week, we’d be remiss not to highlight it.

We started off the week with the launch of our All You Can Jet month, where lots of excited jetters took to the skies in the first of several, awesome weeks of unlimited air travel around the BlueCity network. In conjunction with the start of All You Can Jet, we revealed this week our new tailfin design, Barcode, on a new plane we named “All Blue Can Jet.” And we’d be remiss not to mention a little incident involving a a centerfold Customer (not to be mistaken with a middle-seat Customer). As if that wasn’t fun enough, we also announced a new destination; you guessed it, Turks & Caicos. Can somebody pass a frozen cocktail and some suntan lotion, please?

As for the rest of the industry, the DOT rejects plans to a Delta-Virgin Blue alliance, the FAA promises to have new pilot fatigue rules soon, and US Airways pilots in Philadelphia are fatigued and want more money and new contracts.

OpenSkies, meanwhile, is rolling out refunds for dissatisfied flyers, Southwest may have some delays to contend with when they get their new slots at congested Newark, and three Continental employees at Newark were charged with smuggling cocaine.

American Airlines CEO says they operate vis-a-vis high ethical standards and Ryanair considers booting one pilot from the cockpit for cost-cutting. “Really, you only need one pilot,” he tells Bloomberg Businessweek. “Let’s take out the second pilot. Let the bloody computer fly it.”

Middle East airline Gulf Air lets passengers pay for fees with their miles, Lebanon will delay share sale of Middle East Airlines, and our friends over at Lufthansa postponed its plan to fly from Munich to Baghdad.

Delta is eying LaGuardia Airport in New York for expansion opportunities not unlike a hungry pet might a freshly grilled steak, Aer Lingus says its dropping Ryanair’s low-cost approach, and Hurricane Earl had a bigger bark than it did bite.

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!

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