August 15, 2010

Kids use babysitting money to take plane ride

“Three Florida children bought tickets with baby-sitting money and flew to Nashville, Tenn., on Southwest Airlines — unbeknownst to their parents. They called their parents from Nashville and immediately flew home. Southwest Airlines told Channel 4 the kids did not break any of their policies. The airline added that it would refund the costs of the tickets.”

Full story on MSNBC

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One Comment on “Kids use babysitting money to take plane ride”

  • Posted by Tasha on February 21, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Gee I’d Luv to babysit for them if they made that much to fly my last exp w JetBlue wasn’t very fun or comfortable the “new Comfy Seats” were not & I didn’t want anyway but there Pg wouldn’t let me pre ck in unless I pd the x-tra money & was in so much pain by end of the flight I was un-able to enjoy lil trip I was in bed for day’s trying to recover from flight & on return trip was stopped by TSA because they Claimed they saw something in my belly area yeah my Scars from having babies all was in there but was held up for a good hour or so while I waited for someone to pat me down,wipe my hands w ?? who knows what & then go through all my crap & I’m disabled & just wanted to sit down but I felt so stupid having gone through all that like I was a dam criminal or something & I was at point where I would’ve stripped down just to get it over with come on really I had only my paper money in my pockets no change keys ect ughhh good old Orlando I guess it’s a crime to travel alone & I Luv’d the screaming kids there lots fun pls put them in back of plane & PLS make them seats comfy they were awful…..

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