August 13, 2010

Weekly Airline News Roundup – TGIF!

This week in the airline industry started out on a sad note, with the crash of a single-engine plane in Alaska that killed several prominent public figures including Senator Ted Stevens. Also in Alaska this week, an eagle in the engine caused an aborted takeoff for an Alaska Airlines flight.

Delta appeared in the news several times this week, with the unveiling of its plan for a terminal shuffle and expansion at JFK, an announcement that Delta will start flying to Iceland next year, and the launch of a new “ticket window” that allows passengers to book flights using social media. With all the talk of Delta, though, it’s US Airways according to several reports that is America’s top legacy carrier. American Airlines mechanics this week are working to unseat their union, and British airport ground workers voted to strike.

Making a departure from the legacy carriers, Virgin America is launching new service to Dallas-Fort Worth, but said they are giving up on Chicago after being unable to secure gates at O’Hare. Southwest meanwhile, is reportedly eying new destinations in upstate South Carolina. The airline also this week reimbursed some young Florida fliers who got in hot water with mom and dad after they used their babysitting money to buy plane tickets and fly to Nashville unaccompanied. (To be fair, kids don’t need parental permission to fly.)

Mexicana Airlines is looking at potential buyers, the FAA ordered that a potential takeoff problem in 747s be fixed, and Obama may be able to ease travel restrictions to Cuba without Congressional approval.

A flight attendant over at our partner Lufthansa became an internet sensation this week with a YouTube video showing her being “attacked” by economy class passengers’ pillows. Without missing a beat she began flinging some back herself and proved that Germans really know how to have a good time! We want her on our next flight to Frankfurt!

Oh, and there was a little incident with a JetBlue flight attendant as well. What was that about again?

As always, safe travels and have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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