June 22, 2010

Tuesday’s Travel Tips – Salt Lake City

This week’s stop on our BlueCity tour brings us to Salt Lake City, Utah. This city is unique for a number of reasons, including its diverse and gorgeous landscape, its founding by Mormons (still estimated to represenent more than 50% of the city’s population) decades before Utah even gained statehood, and its growing reputation as a truly cosmopolitan city.

Home to our Customer Support Team (those friendly 2,000-plus people that answer the phone when you call to book or change a reservation), Salt Lake City is a great spot to visit for a weekend, a whole week or more!

Our local Crewmembers were so enthusiastic about providing travel tips to their city that we’ve taken a slightly different approach to this week’s column. Our Crewmembers reflect a true cross-section of the diversity that exists in Salt Lake and their opinions reflect their personal interests and tastes. See below for activities and sites that range from the urban to the rural, religious to non, adventure to relaxation, quick eats to formal dining, and more!

Crewmember Pam

Crewmember Karen

Crewmember Candice

Crewmember Dana

Crewmember Margo

Crewmember Mairot

Crewmember Eunice

Crewmember Stephanie

Crewmember Shauna

Crewmember Charlene

Image courtesy of timpearcelosgatos on Flickr

Image courtesy of timpearcelosgatos on Flickr

Crewmember Sharon

Crewmember Troy

Crewmember RaNae

Crewmember Shari

Image courtesy of Jotor on Flickr

Image courtesy of Jotor on Flickr

Crewmember Bonnie

Crewmember Max

  • Check out the largest artificial water falls in North America in the gardens at Thanksgiving Point

Last but not least, Crewmember Joby asks, “What do great Mexican food and ghosts have in common? They both share residency at the Rio Grande Depot, an old train station in Salt Lake City, Utah”.

Do you have any great Salt Lake City travel tips to share? Leave them in the comments below, or Tweet them using the hashtag #TTSLC.

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