May 31, 2010

JetBlue’s Favorite Tweets

“On my Jetblue flight watching Sopranos its where Janice stole the Russians Leg! So good!”


Check back for more Favorite Tweets fresh from our Twitter page.

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One Comment on “JetBlue’s Favorite Tweets”

  • Posted by Jignesh on March 5, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Two days ago I posted about the odd two words that jump out in the much redalhed new jetBlue Bill of Rights. Money will be given to passengers for delays due to ac2a0 Controllable Irregularity.c2a0It is comforting to see that a host of other bloggers, many of themc2a0hardcore travelers,c2a0are just as dumfounded. What the @#*! is a controllable irregularity, asks one.

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