March 21, 2010

Not everyone loves their rewards miles

Image courtesy of piermario on Flickr

Image courtesy of piermario on Flickr

In a unique piece about the usage of airline rewards miles, author Tom Johansmeyer, writes about his, and others- woes with regard to redeeming free travel. He admits that it once seemed tantalizing to dream about all of the amazing places he might travel to using his accumulated points, but that, for someone required to travel regularly for work, the reality did not match his fantasy. “Six months later, I fantasized about sleeping in my own bed for three nights in a row, in a one bedroom apartment I shared in a suburb of Boston,” he relays.

The piece goes on to talk about the similar sentiment of businessmen and other frequent “white collar” travelers. Apparently, some people like to see how large they can build their points rather than figuring out where to use them.

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