February 24, 2010

A trashy habit for airports

Airports generate a reported 7.5 million pounds of trash each day, and 80% of the renewable material does not get recycled. “It does not make sense to acquire oil from the Middle East or the north slope of Alaska and turn it into a plastic bottle, use it once and throw it away,” said Allen Hershkowitz, a scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Some airports have introduced more recycling bins, but it is on an individual and scattered basis that these incentives occur.

Image courtesy of mugley on Flickr

Image courtesy of mugley on Flickr

The Times article that addresses this mounting concern, mentioned that a great deal of the non-recycled waste can be attributed to bottles that are disposed of at the security checkpoint. Some airports have tried to match this concern by introducing dumping stations where people can pour liquids out and then dispose of the bottle as a recyclable on the other side of security. All in all, the concern about trash in our airports is a valid one; speaking not at all of the potential other kind.

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