February 21, 2010

10th Anniversary Stories- Most Memorable Moment

John Layton, Inflight, in his own words:

4012489252_d2f0d0ed83_mI remember January 2000 when 50-60 of us gathered in the rotunda at T6 by gate 14 with our noses pressed to the glass awaiting the arrival of our first plane from Toulouse. When the plane landed we all applauded, hugged and high-fived each other. Fast forward 10 years and when 500-600 gathered at the hanger in Orlando for the arrival of our last tail design – Blueberries. It is so amazing how much we have grown, but at the same time how we have kept the culture and enthusiasm going strong.

I am very proud to work for JetBlue, Let’s work together to make the next decade even better than the first one!!!

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