February 1, 2010

Dave on CNBC’s Fast Money

Watch CEO Dave Barger as he talks shop to a roundtable of pundits on CNBC about our annual earnings and future plans for expansion. Dave is described by anchorwoman, Melissa Lee, as a “friend of the network.” And for those of us that have met Dave in any capacity, it’s no surprise that co-anchor Dylan Ratigan closes out the interview by elaborating on Melissa’s introduction and offers that,

“You know, before we let Dave go, since the beginning of the show- now we’re three years into the show-  Dave is one of the first guests we’ve ever had on. He’s been here in good times and in bad times. He’s always been a stand-up guy. I know that might sound trivial to folks out there, but he’s been a great guest, great fan of the show, and a great friend to the show. And we respect him for answering all the hard questions.”

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4 Comments on “Dave on CNBC’s Fast Money”

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