January 8, 2010

A flight attendant’s search for pilot love

Photo courtesy of Kjunstorm on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Kjunstorm on Flickr

In a quirky, fun, personal essay in today’s New York Times, Tiffany Hawk relays her tales of her search to find a husband who also happens to be a pilot. Tired of meeting salesmen and lawyers and others that don’t meet her minimal standards, she decides that a cute pilot is the way to go.

Her adventures include meeting plenty of the wrong pilots, only to finally settle down with one she doesn’t expect to. Perhaps most notably for our purposes, though, is that her entire journey is sparked by seeing a cute JetBlue pilot at Dulles Airport. “In the nearly five years I’d spent as a flight attendant for [another airline], I’d never met a pilot who warranted the ring check,” she said. Now, we’ve never claimed to have the best-looking Crewmembers, but we sure don’t mind when someone else points that out!

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