January 6, 2010

Our first press release

plane_duskThe words, “press release” may not produce the warm and fuzzies for you (unless you’re like us and work in the Communications Department) but we’re so excited that 2010 marks our 10th Anniversary that we’ve pulled out the blue carpets and are starting to take a nostalgic look back at the beginning days. One of our very first press releases announced the launch of the airline way back in the last millennium in July, 1999. Our applications to become an official airline were still pending with the DOT and the FAA, but there was certainly already a buzz about us as, “New York’s new low-fare, hometown airline.”

“JetBlue will bring to the city a superior product at a very affordable price, on average, 65% less than current fares on some routes; call it a new shade of blue,” the release states. Lo and behold, ten years later, we are still dressed to impress!

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