December 2, 2009

Beantown’s booming!


JetBlue’s history can be seen as a growth story, beginning as a tiny start-up and expanding in rapid fashion to become the largest carrier at its JFK hub and a major airline proving the appeal of its value travel model across the Americas.

But within that narrative are all the individual growth stories, from individual Crewmembers who have worked their way up though the company, to entire regions like the Caribbean, which started from scratch and is now a crucial part of the route network.

One of the most impressive of those stories is our Boston Focus City. The story effectively began six years and one day ago, when 20 Crewmembers signed on to become the first class in BOS and JetBlue’s original Boston Crewmembers.

They opened the BlueCity on Jan. 7, 2004, with flights to and from Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Long Beach, Orlando and Tampa, and interestingly, not JFK due to the short distance between the cities. As BOS gained more Crewmembers, JetBlue added flights to San Jose, Calif. and Las Vegas on May 3, 2005 while moving within Logan International Airport from Terminal E to Terminal C.

Then, on Nov. 8 of that year, we connected Boston to our JFK hub with the world debut of the Embraer 190 — perfectly sized to accommodate the shorthaul commuter route.

bigpapiThe milestones that have followed are too many to list here, but they include JetBlue becoming the largest carrier at BOS in terms of destinations served in March 2008, growing to nearly 1,300 Crewmembers and supporting a huge list of local activities and organizations, perhaps most visibly with our sponsorships of the Boston Marathon, Boston Red Sox and Boston College Athletics.

Now, the Boston Focus City’s massive expansion is on another huge upswing. In October, we announced we’re boosting our daily departures by 30% next summer. And today, we announced we’re adding 25% more flights to the Caribbean next summer as well. With this additional capacity, we’ll become the airline with not only the most destinations, but the most total departures, and likely the most Customers.

Pretty cool for an airline that didn’t even jet to Logan until 2004. It’s truly a credit to the group of 20 Crewmembers that has grown to 1,300 that JetBlue has been able to not only succeed in the Boston market, but quickly become the biggest airline in town.


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One Comment on “Beantown’s booming!”

  • Posted by dianem on December 3, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    As one of the original Boston AO Crewmembers from December 2003, I remember being told in Orientation that we were joining Boston early in the company’s history and that Boston would become a large and important BlueCity. Little did we know then that it would become such a jewel in the JetBlue crown. We started in Terminal E with two tiny gates and a ricketly old baggage carousel and are now proudly showcased in Terminal C. I have many fond memories of our opening and those early days and I congratulate the Boston Crewmembers who have carried on the Boston tradition of fantastic Customer Service and FUN! I wish my fellow classmates from that first class a very Happy JetBlue anniversary and I look forward to continuing to hear good news about my hometown and the many wonderful Crewmembers who work there. Congratulations Boston! A Wicked Awesome Job by All!

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