November 2, 2009

Dance party erupts at T5, quietly

DJ Mark of VHS or Beta moves the crowd at the T5 Silent Disco on Oct. 30, 2009

DJ Mark of VHS or Beta moves the crowd at the T5 Silent Disco on Oct. 30, 2009

While hosting music’s nothing new for Terminal 5 (JetBlue’s airport terminal, not the music venue in Manhattan), this was the first silent performance held in its barely year old history.

The entertaining evening began with the familiar first notes of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” coming over the PA, and a crew of dancers coming together for a sudden, choreographed dance. As the song finished, the dance group, which included a few Crewmember volunteers, filled the marketplace, where the music segued into Madonna’s “Holiday” and the dance party began. DJ Mark from the band VHS or Beta moved the crowd from his booth near the grandstand.

Things took a bizarre twist though, when the music was switched from the soundsystem to 100 pairs of wireless headphones worn by the dancers and handed out to passers by. So as the music seemed to stop, the dance party continued in earnest, creating the surreal spectacle called a Silent Disco. It was a strange, hilarious scene, and above all, fun, for participants and bystanders alike.

For a sense of what the night was like, enjoy these videos and pictures of both the initial “Thriller” dance and the Silent Disco.

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