October 7, 2009

Inflight Crewmember inspired by Lufthansa experience

Crewmembers are rightly proud of the JetBlue Experience we offer Customers, but how much do we know about the experience provided by our newest codeshare partner, Lufthansa? Inflight Crewmember Mark Ochotorena flew on Lufthansa on a vacation to Barcelona, Spain this September, and wanted to share his thoughts on what he described as an “incredible flying experience.”

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What follows is Mark’s recap of his Lufthansa experience.

Inflight Crewmember Mark Ochotorena with the Lufthansa flight attendants from his flight

Inflight Crewmember Mark Ochotorena with the Lufthansa flight attendants from his flight

“What a wonderful Lufthansa experience!

“I just came back from Barcelona, Spain on a week’s vacation and I could not wait to tell all my fellow Inflight Crewmembers how I enjoyed watching the way Lufthansa’s flight attendants performed their job with JetBlue’s flair and more. They seem to enjoy their work immensely, with smiles, professionalism and attentiveness. They always ask if you need anything else besides juice or coffee and if a customer asked for anything else after they already had a drink or two, they would always say, “of course, you can have some more.” As I watched them doing food service, I was just amazed by how much they enjoy what they are doing and I realized that there is more to offer our JetBlue Customers when I get back to work. I feel that I am good but not that good.

“On the flight, there was a family with a child that was at times making us go bonkers (the dad kept standing up, opening overhead bins and getting something in the bags, going to the galley asking for things he needed for the baby like paper towels to wipe spilled liquid, etc.) Well, the Lufthansa flight attendants did not bat an eye to this customer. They just give the customer what he needed with a smile. I was annoyed a little for safety reasons, but I shouldn’t have been.

“My wife and I had the best experience with Lufthansa from the time we checked in for our flight to Barcelona all the way back to New York. We were treated like regular customers and on our flight back to NY, I could not help but talk to some flight attendants. I introduced myself as JetBlue Inflight Crew and we talked about how I admire how they do their job. I told them that per my flying experience, I put Lufthansa on top of the list in service and I am not surprised that they are one of the biggest and best run airlines in Europe and the world. I had the best experience as a customer and I just wish that you can experience it too.”

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