September 17, 2009

Greg from 30 Days on JetBlue visits PIT

This week, Crewmembers in PIT took an opportunity to pose with one of the more prominent Jetters using the All-You-Can-Jet pass. Greg from 30 Days on JetBlue passed through PIT on Sept. 15, and said, “I was greeted by several of the JetBlue local staff including the Pittsburgh JetBlue GM Norbert Strissel. They were amazing and treated me to VIP service. Thanks for making my day!”

Norbert shared the following photos of Crewmembers with Greg, who is using the AYCJ pass to raise money to help out a new elementary school in Zambia. Have a look at the photos, and be sure to check out Greg’s site!

30 Days on JetBlue

30 Days PIT

30 Days PIT

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